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ByAdemola Morebise

Don’t be a programmer

Be programming. Sit down and punch in those codes.

Don’t be a teacher, be teaching.

Don’t be a trader, be trading.

Don’t be a writer, start writing.

Don’t be an Entrepreneur, start building a real business.

Don’t be a builder, be building.

Don’t be more in love with the idea of the kind of person you want to be known as than the work input that is required. Show us your body of work, all the things you have actually been doing and we can then conclude you are for real and not part of the fakers and scammers we have amongst us.

I am sick and tired of meeting serial Entrepreneurs that do not even have a successful business that is actually running and making waves. I am sick and tired of mobile app developers that do not have a single app on the official app stores bearing their names. I am sick and tired of the website designer that does not even a website online, and don’t get me started on the master blogger that has no blog.


ByAdemola Morebise

Checkpoint 2015: assembling the Qahal

The good book says:

“But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.” – Proverbs 4:18

I have particularly loved this alternate translation:

“The road the righteous travels is like the sunrise, getting brighter and brighter until daylight has come.” – Proverbs 4:18 (Good News Translation)

So, a sign that things are going well is if the light you are moving with is getting brighter and brighter, until full daylight is achieved. You keep getting a better and clearer understanding of who you are and where you are headed as you grow older. Its not a good thing to have no idea or sense of purpose and life mission from around Age 18-21 at the latest.

Every 8th of November doubles as my birthday. It is a great day to reflect on my life,  time to do an annual report and I always get to answer 3 questions:

  1. What is my life’s mission?
  2. How is it going?
  3. What are the goals for the new year?

1. What is my life’s mission?

I have very recently received enough understanding to actually begin to execute my greater calling. And so, today, right now I’m ready to publicly declare that my calling is to:

“Establish a company with great knowledge and understanding of God, moving with wisdom, wealth and wonders, advancing God’s agenda in the world, creating wealth for our members and partners”

The company is part-school, part-business corporation, part-non-profit but definitely 100% an assembly of God’s called out ones (aka Christians). I found a word in Aramaic that means “the called out ones”; “Qahal” and so for brevity, I’ll say my calling is to assemble and teach The Qahal. God helping me.

2. How is it going?

I took a decision earlier this year (around August) to face my front, concentrate and begin to build out the ideas inside my spirit. I’m convinced that even if only 10% of the ideas in my spirit works out, I’ll still be a massive success by most men’s standards.

And so, I’ve sacrificed everything, everything! Just to sit down and try to begin to invent the things I have seen inside. I’ve secured a quiet facility in the middle of nowhere that is perfect for the work I want to do. My location is actually semi-classified for now, if you know exactly where I am, then count yourself privileged. Right?

My elder sister literally told me; “What the f**k are you doing there? Rather than act sensibly and build a meaningful career for yourself, what the f**k are the doing? You are just been a burden to everybody”. I didn’t respond. I’m waiting for 5 years time when my calling and choices will vindicate me.

We have done some decent work this year with CloudPitcher, FlordSMS, AlphaPoint, and of course #TMP. The Grow Your Business community is beginning to take shape and we can indeed say “these things are beginning to work!”. On the other hand, OneCrier and its sibling: YangaExpress has been run over with weed, its all dusty brown and rusty now. I know it won’t die, maybe I’ll get around to doing something about it this new year.

I’ve also had a rocky year with my family, aside the comments posted above, my Dad took a big gamble with me as regards my younger sister’s education and it went south. We lost a ton of time and money. Not a good feeling, I’m learning to crawl more into my shell. Shut up and produce some more good results in order to re-establish the faith.

3. Looking ahead

My #1 objective for the next year is to assemble The Qahal. I really want to have a fully formed Qahal by this time next year.

The new year also gets me into a brand new productivity target strategy. Taking a clue from Thomas Edison who promised to turn out “a minor invention every 10 days and a big thing every six months or so”. I am now promising an innovation every 30 days: an app, a mini-book or a new initiative. I am promising a bigger innovation or initiative or book every 3 months. And every 6 months: I’m promising a BIG DEAL.

Yes, I know its easier said than done. I know someone just hissed and said: “Demola likes to think everything will just be easy. Will it be just like that?”. But we can only make it if we try. I have to be willing to try before I will know whether I will swim or sink. I feel I now finally have an ideal location, time and space I need to get these things done.

I’m now keeping a beard. It makes me feel old, which is a good reminder that I’m now the proud uncle of 2 amazing girls that I love so much. Its also a reminder that I’m no longer a boy that had all the time in the world to play about. More importantly, it also reminds me about things like starting a relationship and getting married. (In case you are wondering who would be crazy enough to marry me, me too! Lol!)

I might just look into it this new year. And please allow my ever optimistic self to predict that I might just be married by the next time I’m writing this annual report. There’s no known physical, spiritual, moral, emotional or academic law that forbids me from finding, dating, analysing and marrying a woman my heart resonates with in 12 months! Biko!! (I’m not saying it will happen, I’m just saying I have an open mind)

The world is in dire need of honest, God-inspired men who will operate in various sectors of the economy. The world needs real leadership, inspiration and impartation so that people can do their best work and I believe The Qahal I’ve been called to assemble can play a role in that.

Too many people are just wasting away and need help. We need to reach out to them, get them saved and empowered. This is my big focus in this new age of mine.

I really want to do the works of him that has sent me. I really want to work miracles. I really want to move these mountains.

I am ready.

I know I am.

Too late to stop me now.

I am Ade – kankun – mola – nrewaju, son of Olanrewaju Morebise
Happy Birthday to me!

ByAdemola Morebise

Only if we try

Nobody knows what they are truly capable of doing. Despite the spike in the number of people that parade themselves as experts and gurus, the truth of the matter is that nobody actually knows what to do. We just making guesses (whether they qualify ro be called educated guesses or not is subject to scrutiny)

So, anybody can make an headway in life. Success in any field is not conferred automagically upon anybody. The next big thing can come from anywhere.

We can hit it big in anything we decide to do. We can make it if we try; ONLY IF WE TRY.

We have to try. We have to be willing to get on the road and try to make things happen, we have to avoid the urge to give up too easy. When it appears it is not working and the failed attempts are piling up, we have to keep forging on.

We can make it if we try. ONLY IF WE TRY.


ByAdemola Morebise

The best or nothing

I used to reserve my best for only endeavors that I regard to be “worth it”. And so, I treated some of my work and indeed some of my clients with some level of contempt while I saved my best for some of the work.

It then dawned on me that I was just been silly. By giving myself permission to be crappy some of the time, the crappyness was actually seeping into all of my work. Excellence was nowhere to be found in the things I was doing, it was time to repent.

My life changed the day I decided that anything I found to do, I was either going to give it my best try or do nothing. Whether my clients pay me $5 or $5m, I would pour in my best, not allowing myself to slack, not issuing the permission to do an half-hearted work.

When it comes to our ideas and endeavors, we have to put in our best to anything and everything we are laying our hands on… or just quit. Half-hearted and no-hearted works suck and could actually damage your reputation in the long run.

Give us your best or give us nothing.


ByAdemola Morebise

Product ahead of marketing

When our marketing is light years ahead of the product. We lose.

For every time we exaggerate about just how useful or powerful our product, we open up ourselves to the risk of losing customers who experience it and decide “this sucks”. Some people say all marketers are liars, others say all marketers are simply great storytellers, but liars or not, the job of marketing is to get people hooked on your product. That will not happen if your product quality does not match your marketing noise.

Several years ago, the whole Nigerian Internet space was set on fire in anticipation of a new social network that was about to be launched. After all the marketing and people finally started signing up, few could connect what was promised to the reality of the product on ground. That startup is dead today. Everyday, I receive emails from startups that promise heaven on earth with their products, they do not make good on their promises and that pisses people off.

A better option is to focus on building a quality product. Build something really useful and you would even see word-of-mouth working for you as satisfied users will recommend you to others without you even asking for it. Neither Facebook nor Whatsapp have done any advertising in Nigeria, yet look at all the millions of users they have here, how did they do it? I have seen people go from been skeptic about Whatsapp to becoming (free) Whatsapp brand champions in hours.

It is simply really: invest your time into building a solid product. Stop marketing products that suck or products that you are yet to even build.


ByAdemola Morebise

What it means to have a target audience

When you define your target audience, it means you have consciously decided to focus, pouring all your care and attention to satisfy people who fit your description.

It also means that you have decided to alienate people who do not fit in. And it is perfectly fine.

So, when people who do not fit into your target audience stop by and leave, do not feel disappointed – it was never meant for them in the first place. You have to focus and reach out to the people you want, the people you have decided to serve and not get distracted when people who are not a fit for your products or services stop by.

We need to avoid the trap of thinking my product is for everybody. No way. Pick your market, face your front and mind your own business.


Watching The World

ByAdemola Morebise

Safety in the multitude of counsel

There is safety in the multitude of counsel, no one would ever challenge that.

The thing bugging me is that I hate safety. I think playing it safe is just another word for fear. Afraid of making a change, afraid of rocking the boat and challenging the status quo.

No cutting edge work will come out of multitude of counsel.

No original idea can come out of multitude of counsel.

In fact, if you are pursuing ideas that every other person is pursuing, how on earth will you standout? The way I see it is that when in doubt, go with multitude of counsel, you will definitely find safety there. However, if want more than safety, if words like great, outstanding or awesome appeals to you then you have to go the other route. Play it safe by looking to the world for approval that what you are working on is legit or change the game by sticking to original ideas you have embedded within.

Unlock your creativity. We need it!

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ByAdemola Morebise

Doing more with less

I am not sure if we humans are designed to be wasteful by default, but I am sure you will agree with me that we can be wasteful.

We waste our resources, we waste chances and opportunities that come our way everyday.

I believe that everyone can do much more with whatever they have right now if only we are willing to pause for a moment and identify the wastage and then think about how we can make it better.

Cutting down wastage makes it easier to build a profitable business.


Watching The World

  • Today’s Google Doodle is a celebration of the 200th birth anniversary of George Boole, an American mathematician, educator, philosopher and logician. If you have ever heard of BOOLEAN LOGIC before, you now know who to thank. His work laid the ground work for the digital revolution (in simple english, if not for Boole, we wont have computers or apps and I would be on my way to post office to mail you today’s #TMP right now). Read about him here.
  • The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has announced that from 95.37 million in August, the number of internet users has risen to 97.21 million.


ByAdemola Morebise

If I perish…

It is interesting to me that while you might really wish to see a miracle sign first before you make your moves, sometimes it looks like you have to jump first and with a mindset of “if I perish, I perish”, brave words attributed to the biblical character Queen Esther.

Here is the interesting part: I have observed that it is people who declare that “if I perish, I perish” that actually survives. When we take that leap and choose to have some faith and not give in to that fear that overwhelms us, it is amazing to see how far we just might go, we will not perish. It is that voice in our head that wants to slow us down.

What is perhaps more interesting is this part: if you do not take the leap, you are still going to perish anyway. If Queen Esther did not take that leap, she would still have been executed along with the Jews (save the arguments, how long before Haman will dig up her family tree and expose her too?). If those lepers never took the leap of going to the enemy camp, everyone would have starved to death anyway (2 Kings 7:3-10).

As that quote goes: “you miss 100% of the shots you do not take”.

We will not perish. It is that voice in our head that wants to slow us down.

We will not perish. But we have to be willing to take that leap.

Welcome to November, will you leap this month?