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ByAdemola Morebise

Before asking for opinion

Before you go about asking for people’s opinion about things, be sure you are actually looking for a different viewpoint and not merely trying to buttress your own single view.

What hurts people is when they take the time to give analysis and feedback, only to see that it is all in vain. The feedback was never implemented. If you know what you have done is perfect, what is the point in going around town, looking for opinions? Saying “this is what I made” is completely different from saying “what do you think about this thing I just made?”

Do not ask for advise or opinion you are do not need.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Getting more customers

Every business man is looking for more customers, the funny thing is that we all know exactly how to get more customers. We just not usually ready to do the work required.

The way you get more customers is by talking to new people – cringe – strangers! People who do not know about you, everyday. That is all you need to do. Talk to new people and you will be able to get them to patronize you. If you woke up everyday with a mission mindset of: talk to at least 3 strangers today, your mind would conceive some clever ways to find them.

Want more customers? Go and talk to people. Get out of the house/shop/office and talk to new people every single day.

There is no other magic needed. It is just that confronting this truth is hard and so, we settle for reading and reading and then attending seminars upon seminars. Far easier to do all that than actually get to work, isn’t it?


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Turn down the noise

Turn off the radio

You cannot hear me over the shakitibobo playing, turn it off.

You should also turn off the sermon playing. I’m serious.

Now switch off your phone or the data connection, lest a joke comes in through Whatsapp and distracts.

We need all the attention we can get.


Now think about something serious you can still get done this year.

(Are you working on cashing in this season?)


Watching The World

  • Changing times: The Oxford word of the year is not a word, it is an emoji. Take a look.



ByAdemola Morebise

Do we have to be everywhere social?

Social media is huge. It has completely flipped how media, advertising and marketing works. Anyone and everyone can compete on more open and level grounds.

It is therefore not a surprise that there is this innate drive to open accounts on every social media platform out there, it is suddenly not enough to be on Facebook and Twitter, you also need presence on Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Periscope, LinkedIn, Google+, Dribble, StackOverflow, Nairaland, 2go, Weixin, Skype, Line, Hike and all the others.

But, here’s the thing: you do not have to be on all the platforms out there. Might just amount to waste of resources afterall. If you have a tight budget and need to get things done, you realise that you need to focus. 2 questions that you need to ask yourself: who is my target audience? Where are they most active?

Once you identify 1 or 2 places you are most likely to find your target audience, you then zoom in, study the platform and find out how it works before you start posting and interacting with others.
Perhaps your social media efforts would yield more fruit if you concentrated on 1 or 2 platforms rather than spreading your resources thinly across so many platforms.

ByAdemola Morebise

Strength and leverage

“I do not need to be stronger than you, I just need a better leverage than you”

Leverage, that ability to use a quality or advantage to obtain a desired effect or result. When we learn to properly leverage our relationships, experience and money, we will be amazed how far we can go.

Are you really using all your strength?

The tale was told about a buy that was trying to lift a bucket of water – and he couldn’t, the bucket was heavier than he could carry. A few meters away, his Father stood there and yelled out “boy, you can do it, you merely need to use all your strength“. Inspired by this, the boy kept trying and trying and kept failing, the bucket was just too strong for him!

Then his father told him “you are not using all your strength; I am right here and I could have assisted you. You were not using all your strength”. The boy failed to realise that he could leverage his father’s strength. He failed to realise that his father’s strength is his own strength too. The power of leverage.

How can you become 1000x stronger and faster by leveraging things in your life?

Talk to me.

ByAdemola Morebise

But ye have Google…

…and ye know all things.

You have google and as such, you can access all the information about anything and everything you need.

Before meeting that client, do some googling about them, their company history, key personnel and all that. It is no loner cool to be clueless about things that very relevant to you and your world. Ignorance in this age translates to laziness and lack of planning. Too lazy to put in more effort in the preparation or simply failed to think through. Do your homework and perform a thorough research, arming yourself with useful data that can be used to win the hearts (and pockets) of people.

It is easier than ever before to teach yourself anything – one search result page at a time. Information that was only accessible to a few is now available to anybody who cares to look for it.

When we ask questions, do not respond “I dont know”, because you have Google and Google search will help you find everything.


ByAdemola Morebise

We are a team

I used to be a shitty footballer.

Not because I did not have good moves, but because I had a terrible habit of simply running towards wherever the ball was at the moment. Once the opponent had the ball, I raced towards them as fast as I could, effectively ignoring the fact that my teammates where marking the opponents already.

You see, the challenge I had is that I didn’t trust my teammates. Where they doing their best to get the ball back? Are they really creatively trying to get a goal for us? Where they aggressive enough? And so, I always made a mess by getting in everyone’s way by playing the whole field and of course, wasting all my energy.

Things changed the day it dawned on me that I had to trust my teammates and chill in my position, wait for them to hand me the ball. I then also made another decision; no matter what happens, I would not blame anybody for our team’s loss because no matter what happened, we had all tried our best. (Ok, the second decision did not work too well, we were teenage boys, we always had to criticise someone 😀 as it makes every other person feel better)

I remember the words of Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group this morning: “Leadership is not about someone at the top of the trees shouting down orders; that is not leadership. Sounds more like dictatorship” . I believe the duty of a leader is merely to set the mission, then empower their followers to get it done and then get out of the way! Some great leaders are know for micro-managing their staff, but I argue that it is not as empowering and productive as trusting your team and not getting in the way.

Sooner or later, it dawns on you that you do not have the best ideas after all. It dawns on you that your team; the people you trained can now get things done easier and faster then you ever could, and you just slow everyone down by insisting you want to be involved in everything.

Once you pick your team and assign something for them to do. Go to sleep and trust your team.

I am half-joking about the sleep part.

Trust your team.

Even if you don’t score or you get beaten black and blue; do not criticise your team and assign blames. Rather trust that they did their best and acted in good faith.

If you do not trust them enough to leave them to do the work, then you should not be assigning tasks to them in the first place.


ByAdemola Morebise

Cheap work vs Free Work

Doing things for free makes you generous but doing things at dirt cheap price makes you cheap.

The bad news is that once we associate you with cheap, it will be harder for you to move higher in the market. Ask TECHNO how it played out for them. Incase you have not noticed, there are some professionals out there who have built a reputation around been expensive and so, when it is time to do things for cheap, no one approaches them. Yet, when it is time for serious projects they get the nod.


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ByAdemola Morebise

In 30 seconds: What do you do?

We’ve all been there. You ask someone about their business at an event and they respond with an explanation that goes on forever. They never seem to stop talking and all you want to do is get away!

It is important that you are able to communicate the core aspects of your business to a stranger in 30 seconds or less in a way that makes sense. You need to be able to pitch yourself to anybody in 30 seconds without boring them. It is such a challenge because there is so much to explain to prospects so that they can get it.

You should keep pitching and continue to pitch until you have a perfectly formed 30 seconds pitch for your business. If you keep saying it everyday, you will eventually find a perfect way to get things started.

When I was starting out in my client acquisition quest, I simply bombarded my prospects with all my products and services, reeling out each one and what it can do for their business. After my applaud-worthy presentation, the reaction was usually the same: “wow, that is awesome” and then they walk away. No business for Mr. Morebise today. It was later it dawned on me that the prospect must have got lost in my quest to explain everything and anything I could do.

I have of course amended my silly ways, I now have this cool handy 10 seconds pitch I now use to kick start discussions:

Hi, I am Ademola Morebise. I help businesses make more profit by using the internet and social media.

…And that is all I have to say, isn’t it?


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Always be changing

Today’s modern business scene moves so fast that businesses too have to constantly be on the move. Learning new ideas, ditching old ones.

It is good for businesses to pay close attention to their customers, know them well; especially their spending habits and triggers.

MTN Nigeria has caught my attention in recent times with a series of promos that is clearly geared towards exploring their massive userbase and trying to optimise it in order to yield even more profit. They launch a new feature, study how it is been used and then adopt or kill it off based on reception and of course: profitability to them.

Always be ready to try new distribution channels, try new sales tactics, forge new partnerships. Microsoft and Apple are now partners! Working together on various bringing the Office suite to iOS, a move nobody thought would ever happen. There is no such thing as permanent enemies in business.

Always be changing!