Excellence and Execution

I have observed a growing set of people who say they are committed to excellence. Trying to achieve the best possible result everytime. However, I also observed that even though they say they want excellence, the final result is not so impressive.

It then dawned on me that they might have excellence in their Spirit, but they lack the knowledge and patience to get it done.

They lack the knowledge to do it excellently.

They lack the patience to either learn how to do it excellently themselves or find really capable hands.

It does not matter how grand the ideas God planted inside your spirit are, if you lack the intellectual framework needed to work it out in the physical universe, its still useless. You end up building a lizard, even though the picture inside your spirit is an alligator!

When we receive ideas from on high, sometimes it requires us having to learn and learn and listen and listen before we can then really be ready to build. Noah could only finish building his ark after 100 years.

What took him so long??

We however have to consider that if Noah didn’t allow the excellence inside his spirit to find complete expression, he would have built a boat, not an ark, and that would have meant he would also drown out even though he had enough insights, ideas and concepts to survive. I believe it took him so long because he probably did not have a large work team (who would believe him enough to work with him?) and also because he had to do it well, ensuring the physical ark was as excellent as the one he saw in his spirit.

Getting the idea is hard work if you are truly an original thinker. But you cannot stop there, you have to build the intellectual framework that can build it out excellently. Don’t let excellence just be on your lips only, get on the road, learn! Let the vision in your spirit match what you are building physically all the time.

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