Retracting my steps

ByAdemola Morebise

Retracting my steps

After the joy of seeing Jamsa take some baby steps, I got fueled up and motivated to scale it up, go bigger. It didn’t work out. We started by building out a bigger system that could scale properly – allowing us to automate some parts of the system and also allow us to add more people as needed. Eventually, we pushed the system too hard and it collapsed.

No one has got any answer from Jamsa in weeks!

I had to think a moment and reflect on what has gone wrong and how to fix it. I did not like the answer: scale down and grow properly. After the baby steps, we ought to have taken a 10x leap, not the 100x leap I was devising. It hit hard, but I eventually had to agree to retract my steps.

Moral of the story: after taking baby steps in your projects, perhaps you should resist the urge to go running 100m dash just yet.

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