Hyping and delivering the real deal

ByAdemola Morebise

Hyping and delivering the real deal

I follow a lot of tech startups and companies around the world and humor myself with all the money they are raising from investors at really crazy valuations. These past 24 hours, after reading the Mashable article titled: High-flying tech startups like Snapchat and Uber are getting humbled and another report on Bloomberg about Xiaomi’s $45 Billion Valuation Seen “Unfeasible” as Growth Cools, I see clearly that no matter who or what we are, hype cannot really deliver the real deal.

The future belongs to people who are ready to work hard and deliver real value. Not to people who cook up billion dollar valuations for their startups so as to make some noise about about joining the billion dollar club. We should never forget what we are in business to do, and whose interest it is we are really trying to serve.

The more we hype, the more difficult it is to deliver what truly matters in the long run.


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