Adding some value

I think we should be more obsessed with looking at ways to add value to people than collecting their money. Money is important of course, but not more important than adding value with your work.

If you are too obsessed with milking money from your prospects, you barely are able to establish a good relationship that can yield much more for you over time. The way I see it, we need to first demonstrate that we are out to add value to our clients; showing that we really want them to use our products and services to succeed and then we can make all the money we want to.

When at crossroads, seek to add value first.


Watching The World

  • Self-made billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg (aka Facebook Founder/CEO) announced he is taking a 2 month paternity leave. It looks like it is quite a big deal.
  • Reusable space rockets are fast becoming a reality as Blue Origin successfully land its rocket. Read more here. (Elon Musk is not impressed tho)


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