When we fail to hit the target

We tend to blame ourselves. Kick ourselves, bring out the hammer and start hitting down on ourselves when we fail to hit our set targets. It does not have to be like that.

There are people out there, too scared to even set a target or take a leap towards doing anything serious in the first place. So many people playing it safe, keeping it bland and keeping it boring. We are not a part of those people.

We keep setting targets and if we fail to hit them, we simply pick ourselves back up and try again. We will not stop setting targets, we will not stop trying to do things that will make a difference. As that saying goes:

“Aim for the moon and even if you fail, you still end up in space”

Now that you are in space, don’t be too hard on yourself. Re-aim for the moon and keep aiming until you get there, don’t return to ground or even the skies and do not pitch in space, continue your journey.


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