Balling like Amazon

I recently read an article about how Amazon now more or less owns the internet e-commerce space (or at least in Europe and North America). The article points out that the quest to own online retail took Amazon a long time to achieve and that the visionary founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos is indeed a patient man.

This got me thinking about a lot of industries in Nigeria in particular, and Africa in general that didn’t have any clear market leader and what it would take to emerge. I’m still convinced that neither Konga nor Jumia owns Nigeria’s ecommerce space yet, the door is still open.

Blogs that will leave LindaIkeji in the dust are yet to emerge. We don’t have a lot of top-notch bloggers in Nigeria that churn out 5-star content often. I’ve tried to look for real business blogs that addresses the Nigerian market, the results are not impressive.

NCC keeps announcing millions and millions of new internet users every month but yet, I know they mostly just online to consume not produce content. So, we have the advantage of planning and moving swiftly to capture industries in the new online economy.

Then finally, can anyone or anything knock out Amazon? Yes, it can be done. Microsoft has been there before, yet today, we all know Microsoft is fighting for its life (and territories).

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