In 30 seconds: What do you do?

We’ve all been there. You ask someone about their business at an event and they respond with an explanation that goes on forever. They never seem to stop talking and all you want to do is get away!

It is important that you are able to communicate the core aspects of your business to a stranger in 30 seconds or less in a way that makes sense. You need to be able to pitch yourself to anybody in 30 seconds without boring them. It is such a challenge because there is so much to explain to prospects so that they can get it.

You should keep pitching and continue to pitch until you have a perfectly formed 30 seconds pitch for your business. If you keep saying it everyday, you will eventually find a perfect way to get things started.

When I was starting out in my client acquisition quest, I simply bombarded my prospects with all my products and services, reeling out each one and what it can do for their business. After my applaud-worthy presentation, the reaction was usually the same: “wow, that is awesome” and then they walk away. No business for Mr. Morebise today. It was later it dawned on me that the prospect must have got lost in my quest to explain everything and anything I could do.

I have of course amended my silly ways, I now have this cool handy 10 seconds pitch I now use to kick start discussions:

Hi, I am Ademola Morebise. I help businesses make more profit by using the internet and social media.

…And that is all I have to say, isn’t it?


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