Going Independent

Everyone wants to go independent openly, but when they realise what it means to be really independent some start to back pedal.

Going independent requires faith, courage and the willingness to learn from one’s mistakes and keep making things up as you go along. Going independent is a serious decision one soon has to make, if you stall for too long in making such a decision, it will be made for you when your parents, boss, anybody you depend on kicks you out.

You cannot keep depending on your friends, uncles and aunts forever. You need to start depending on yourself too and this is actually the first step towards painting the kind of future you want for yourself. Owning your actions and taking responsibility for your own actions, avoiding the urge to shift the blame elsewhere.

Serious people who want to do something with their life seek independence, ask for independence and they justify going independent with a string of good results. (Of course, no point asking for independence if you will screw everything up in the long term)


Happy Independence Day Nigeria. It is now 55 years and still waxing stronger…


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