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ByAdemola Morebise

Mentally wealthy

You are a product of your thoughts. If you keep thinking poor, you will generate poverty.

The first step to becoming wealthy is by changing your thinking, the way your mind works. I have heard several speakers talking about “experiencing poverty and then changing their mind”. I did not really understood what they were talking about until I also changed my mind.

You see, before you can begin to work out your wealth plans, you would need to change your mind first.

Only those that are willing and obedient will actually eat the fruit of the land.

So, ready to change your mind? It is super easy, go look for books, audios and video resources about how to become wealthy, how to manage your personal finances, how to create multiple sources of income. It is not a easy task, there is a lot of things to learn and unlearn but if you do the needful, you will emerge at the other side ready to finally start producing wealth in real life.


ByAdemola Morebise

Cashing in on the trends

The festive season is fast approaching.

How are you planning to cash in? Now is the time to start thinking and preparing your mind as to the best way to position yourself to profit from it this year.

From my privileged position, I can already see plenty of activity as various business brands and companies are lining up to get ready to cash in.

Anybody can profit from the upcoming holidays, all you need is to start planning, start planning now.

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Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

It is not working for me

Avoid that nudging to give up just because “it is not working for me”. If people smarter than you and even people dumber than you are working in that field, then definitely you know deep down that you can get it to work for you.

So, let us get down to the real matter.

It is not working for you now because you do not understand how it works. Mastery in anything is SLOWLY built up over time. Nobody came out of the womb as a genius, everything we are today, we acquired them over time.

Do not give up on your ideas after 5 minutes of trying and run back to your comfort zones; the way things used to be.

There are hundreds of great opportunities out there that can empower you to solve bigger problems, chances to make you wealthy, but such opportunities also require that settle down for the long haul to learn how it works.

It will eventually work for you.



4324: Nigeria’s electric­ity generation has risen from about 3,000MW to 4,324.44MW as a result of improved gas supply.


ByAdemola Morebise

Business is War

Modern business is nothing short of warfare. The Japanese have a saying that “Business is War”, and I have found that saying to be 100% true.

I have spent quality time to research about various “Business Giants” in the 19th century, people like Ted Turner III, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Thomas Edison. The more I read about their journeys, conquests, acquisitions and mergers; the more I get reminded of how Robert Greene described wars in his own book also. It is the same thing.

Business in the New Economy is a civilized version of war. It is companies, not countries that are the new battlefield rivals. And so, businesses wrestle and wage war for control of the consumer purchasing power, we wrestle for control of the consumer’s time and attention. Whoever controls the consumer controls the gold and has conquered the land.

All these revelations made me to deduce that “If Business is war, then only soldiers should enlist!” It is only people that are trained military-style that can be fit for serious business.

The most successful entrepreneurs in the world have military style training, discipline and focus. They are not usually described as nice and caring people. They are more commonly regarded as been ruthless, crazy, purpose-minded, and mission driven. Great entrepreneurs including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Donald Trump all show these traits. These habits formed out of years of trainings. You may not like them or even agree with their methods, but ignoring them together is quite impossible.

Business is war, so what do we do?

We have to learn to execute business as a form of war. We must not slack or go about business in a lazy manner. We must submit to military-style training and become fit to run a real business.

The bible says in Exodus 15:3 (KJV) “The LORD is a man of war, the LORD is His name” If the LORD we serve and call on is described as a man of WAR, then don’t you think that he would only work with people fit for war? God is always ready to prove himself as a man of War once the right soldiers show up. And the same goes for business, when a set of correctly trained business men shows up, God can then commit something serious into their hands.

To move into the next levels of our lives, we need to become the person that can handle that position effectively. Most of us will remember the “Oga at the top” story. The key lesson to be learnt from that incidence is that if you enter into any office you do not have the capacity to maintain, you will crash and burn!
The bible says in Matthew 9:17 (MSG) “You don’t pour wine in cracked bottles”. Obviously, you need to amend or replace the bottle before it can store the wine properly. So also, we need to make a decision to get the training needed to start living a life that is fit for real business.

Only people trained military-style can be fit for business. Business is war!

(c) 2013 Ademola Morebise

ByAdemola Morebise

Nobody owes you anything

I listened to him as he continued to rant about how it seemed the whole universe had somehow gang up to take him down. How nobody responds to his cries for help and all that.

Look, here’s the thing: nobody owes you anything. Do not expect people to give you a helping hand. If anyone extends it to you, take it but do not set out of your house expecting it.

People who make it in life are those who have developed the tenacity to keep forging ahead no matter what may come their way. Nobody becomes successful because their parents or mentors or bank accounts made them so. Such things can surely assist, but they didn’t make it solely because of that.

Someone once fumed: “I made him what he his today and now see how he is biting the fingers that fed him”, to which he received the reply: “Go and make another one!”. Nobody succeeds because they got or didn’t get assisted by another person. Nobody owes you anything. Forge ahead or die, nobody really cares.

In this ambitious world we have found ourselves, it is everyman for himself. God for us all!

ByAdemola Morebise

Making “easy” money online

There is a lot of mis-information out there about how easy it is to create channels of income that are connected to the internet. A lot of the things you have read about is false, so… let me explain some things to you.

The very first thing to do if you will make money online is that you MUST NOT start thinking making money online is easier than making money offline. You must be ready to put in as much effort as you would put into any other business. In fact, these days I don’t think there is anything like internet business or tech business; all businesses must use latest tech and the internet or be wiped out.

So then, if you realize that making money online is equivalent to running a (real) business, you must be ready to invest the capital and sweat needed to build something concrete. The reason people feel its very easy to make money online is due to the costs. They fail to realize that there is a big difference between “easy” and “cheap”.

Starting and running a business online is CHEAPER and might be MORE EFFICIENT than any other method.

You will hear stories of how people make up to $100 (N22, 500) by tweeting an advert to their followers, what they will not tell you is how long it took such people to build up a following on Twitter – months of sweat! Months of consistent hard work to acquire followers one-by-one until the whole thing begins to pay off. We all read about and look forward to the pay day, but only few is willing to show up on work days.

“Cheap” is setting up a Twitter account for free, but tweeting regularly and getting followers is not “easy”. You have to put in effort.

The next myth to debunk is the notion of making money online itself. You need to understand that the internet is a location, a platform for you to build a money-making venture upon. This means making money online is essentially building a business based on the internet, and there are hundreds of ways of going about it.

Starting to make money through the internet requires you to work hard.


Watching The World

  • Looks like John Dumelo, A Ghanaian actor is set to make some cool money online. He is working on an Android Game. The game will be called “AYA”and is expected to be available on both Android and iOs platform


ByAdemola Morebise

Part-time life goals?

Anything that will become great has to become a daily affair. You have to do it everyday; every single day.

Want to build a great business or a non-profit or a great organisation of any kind? The key to making real progress might just be the willingness to work on it FULL TIME. You can rarely build out a great project by working on it by the side. It has to become the major aspect of you.

If you are really confident in your dreams and you are sure it holds your future, why not make it a daily affair?

Why not head towards it everyday?

For every 24 hour period not spent thinking about it or working it out, you are cheating yourself.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Optimised for fans

Stop optimising your business for the haters, the critics, the naysayers. Those people who only want to see all that you are doing wrong. I know negative emotions might sometimes provoke a better response than positive emotions and there is always a chance that the positive feedback you are receiving are not sincere enough, yet we ought not to encourage our users and customers that specialise in throwing tantrums.

It far more useful to pay attention to the 95% of the customer base that appreciates your services than trying to switch things to suit the 5% of the critics.

A vocal minority should always be treated like that: a minority without any dent in business profits.

When we start optimising business for the 5%, we alienate the 95% that really cares and wants to see more from us. We need to avoid the trap of thinking our business will be loved by everybody, without anybody criticising or ignoring us. It does not seem possible.

As powerful and popular as Facebook is, there are still some people who refuse to sign up for Facebook. Why did Facebook go ahead to acquire Whatsapp and Instagram? The core Facebook app offers every feature you can also find on Whatsapp and Instagram, yet there are numerous people using Whatsapp everyday that will not touch Facebook at all.

Optimise your business and services for the fans, people that love you (just like Apple does) and ignore the minority.


Watching The World

  • Finally, a real Android phone is here, a robot phone that waves at you when a reminder goes off; answers your calls, takes messages (and reads them out loud, if you choose) and ships with a built-in pico projector with which it can project photos, is Sharp’s latest genius idea for a smartphone. Take a look.


ByAdemola Morebise

It feels rushed

No matter how simple or complicated the idea is, if attention is not paid to details, it will show and the whole thing will suck.

I am an active campaigner for the need to do things quickly, but I do not really think it is a smart move to sacrifice quality for speed. The quality of the work is as important, if not much more important than the time it takes.

We however need to exercise some wisdom here, we should not stall forever in the name of making things perfect. That is not what I am encouraging here.

One reason Apple’s products always feels good to use is the amount of thinking and time invested into their products. They are yet to really invent a new category of device, what they excel at is looking at all the current products in the market and then taking their time to create something much better.

Really unique ideas are hard to come by these days, and so the major differentiator between everybody in the market is the quality of execution. Your ideas deserve the best execution you can put together, do not be in a hurry to execute.

It will feel rushed, you will lose.


ByAdemola Morebise

Eyes on the ball

So easy to get distracted, so easy to lose focus. Not only because things seems not to be working, but these days we get bombarded with so many information, ideas and requests, that we need to constantly remind ourselves to stay focused.

Even our focus needs to focus.

I am definitely been a victim of this “eyes-off-the-ball” syndrome. A lot of my projects faltered because I took my eyes off the ball, I stopped following through on the preset goals and plans, I became bored and moved on to the next shiny thing.

What is the most important thing needed to get done today/this week/this month? Can we stay focused enough to get it done?