Its not by sales

ByAdemola Morebise

Its not by sales

One of the most profound statements I have ever heard goes thus:

“In business, you must know who to collect money from and who to sow into.

Follow your Spirit always.

In life, profit will not come from sales. It will come from faith” – Rev Louis Olufemi Ogundare

The more I pondered on this statement, the more I found it interesting and relevant. I think it is sad that we have allowed the “economic” reality of bills, need to posess things and all that to rob us of some other good things life has to offer.

To many people, life is merely a profit and loss statement and every waking hour is spent optimising profit. To what end??

The just shall live by faith, not sales.

The just that follows his faith will always emerge richer and happier than his hustling contemporaries.

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Ademola Morebise is an Inventor by Night, Business consultant by Day and a Teacher in between. He writes the #TMP daily devotionals for upwardly mobile professionals.