iPhones in the news room

So, a Swiss news TV program Léman Bleu has admitted it is trying to save costs and optimise for these social media times by giving their entire reporting team kits containing a microphone, an iPhone 6, and a selfie stick so they could do their day to day news reporting.

This is a move that will definitely anger long time field photographers and other station employees but I am certain that we are just getting started.

The smartphones are packing more and more features and the pricing keeps going down. With a more than decent enough mobile hardware that can be quickly setup and carried about, traditional camera makers are definitely in trouble. It would have required true foresight for anyone to ever predict that smartphones like the iPhone could ever do the things they currently do.

More and more businesses now reside 100% on BlackBerry devices, Android devices and the afore mentioned iPhone. This is just the beginning, we are just scratching the surface of what these mobile devices can do.


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