The Ambitious and The Visionary

Life should not be all about you.

When all your goals and plans are all about you, you and you, I do not think it is a good sign. (Ok, it might include your wife, your kids and your parents… but still… ) The thing about thinking beyond yourself and genuinely caring about others enough to step in and see how you can help out is that you cannot fake it. You either care enough to make a real difference or you keep fooling everyone until you can fool no more.

The issue seems to be that too many people are just too ambitious. We have mixed up ambitious people with the really visionary people out there.

Ambition serves the purpose of its often greedy owner. Vision serves the purpose of the people. When a vision drives us, everybody wins!

We need more of the visionaries, less of the ambitious clan.

Life should not be all about you.

You should make amends to your life plans if it currently does not have room for others.


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