Baby Steps

ByAdemola Morebise

Baby Steps

Last week, Jamsa was able to help out with mobile phone recommendations and supplying the location of the closest service centre to another user.

Baby steps, certainly.

The beautiful thing about baby steps is that they give hope and joy to the baby who is just trying to figure things out in a grownup world. It is very similar in the business world too, baby steps – the little wins you meet on the way enlighten you unlike any other. You get to find out if people actually need what you are offering or not, you get to test your business model whether it is sustainable or not, you get to fine  tune the whole system until everything is pitch perfect.

Last week’s baby steps has got me all fueled up and excited to hit the road this week.

In addition to getting some nudging, perhaps taking some baby steps can also motivate us to do more.


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