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ByAdemola Morebise

iPhones in the news room

So, a Swiss news TV program Léman Bleu has admitted it is trying to save costs and optimise for these social media times by giving their entire reporting team kits containing a microphone, an iPhone 6, and a selfie stick so they could do their day to day news reporting.

This is a move that will definitely anger long time field photographers and other station employees but I am certain that we are just getting started.

The smartphones are packing more and more features and the pricing keeps going down. With a more than decent enough mobile hardware that can be quickly setup and carried about, traditional camera makers are definitely in trouble. It would have required true foresight for anyone to ever predict that smartphones like the iPhone could ever do the things they currently do.

More and more businesses now reside 100% on BlackBerry devices, Android devices and the afore mentioned iPhone. This is just the beginning, we are just scratching the surface of what these mobile devices can do.


ByAdemola Morebise

Prepared to fail

Optimism is a necessary skill in everyone’s toolbox, but no matter what, we should also be prepared to fail. We should not allow the thought of failing to stop us.

A lot of people beat drums and make a fuss that they never fail and they think it is cool.

The truth remains that unless you are prepared to fail, prepared to do things that just might not work, there is NO WAY you are going to come up with something original. Real strength comes from our ability to access all our past experiences; the good, the bad and the ugly and then continue to build up from there.


ByAdemola Morebise

From known to unknown

We all like to start from the familiar.

When your products and services cannot be described in terms of things your customers already understand, you will have a harder time selling to them.

You want to be faster than Konga or healthier than Blueband, why do you think the first cars were called horseless carriages? The inventor knew it was better to tell people he was building a carriage that required no horses rather than tell them he was building a box that could take you from place to place.

Publicising this way and delivering upon your promise makes it easier to sell your services and grow your business.

How can we leverage things people are already familiar with to take them into the unknown?


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

The Ambitious and The Visionary

Life should not be all about you.

When all your goals and plans are all about you, you and you, I do not think it is a good sign. (Ok, it might include your wife, your kids and your parents… but still… ) The thing about thinking beyond yourself and genuinely caring about others enough to step in and see how you can help out is that you cannot fake it. You either care enough to make a real difference or you keep fooling everyone until you can fool no more.

The issue seems to be that too many people are just too ambitious. We have mixed up ambitious people with the really visionary people out there.

Ambition serves the purpose of its often greedy owner. Vision serves the purpose of the people. When a vision drives us, everybody wins!

We need more of the visionaries, less of the ambitious clan.

Life should not be all about you.

You should make amends to your life plans if it currently does not have room for others.


ByAdemola Morebise

The repeat customer gold

The real gold in business is found from repeat customers.

After all the work of finding prospects and converting them into paying customers (not users), more work should be done to see how you can get them to do more stuff with you. As most people in the business game soon find out: selling more stuff to Customer X is much cheaper and easier than adding a new Customer Y.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

On Spamming by Telcos

I think its a real shame that many people now complain about SMS and Voice call (Robot calls) spam messages and there is little they can do about it – the spam messages originate from the telecom companies themselves.

It is even more shameful that the regulatory bodies – NCC or whoever is in charge is also not stepping up to protect the customers.

These trends will lead to major backlash; I’m already aware that a lot of people don’t bother to read any SMS they receive from non-contacts, they assume its spam and promptly delete.

Only a foolish company spams its own customers. There is no wisdom in spamming people. We trusted the telcos with the task of helping us connect to the world and rather than focus and be useful, they decided spamming us is the way to go. With the power, capital, access to talent and reach that they have, you would be forgiven for thinking they should do better.

In your business, are you focussed and delighting your customers? Or are you spamming and maltreating them?

Only foolish companies spam their customers. We can do better.

ByAdemola Morebise

Instagram overtakes Twitter with 400million users worldwide

Instagram has seen 100 million users sign up within the last nine months. In terms of active mobile users, Instagram still lags behind its parent company’s 1.3 billion, as well as Facebook-owned apps WhatsApp (900m) and Facebook Messenger (700m). But it remains ahead of Twitter’s 316 million monthly active users.

In 2010, when Instagram was just starting out, Twitter already had over 100 million users.

When Facebook coughed out $1 billion to buy up the company just 18 months later, many raised eyebrows, but we all seem to agree it was a smart decision and a smarter decision was to allow Instagram operate independently without too much input from Facebook.

As they hit the 400 million users milestone and most people are now comparing them with Twitter, I wonder if Instagram is growing at Twitter’s expense (there is definitely a limit to the number of social media accounts one can create and operate constantly), I wonder if Twitter could not continue to grow because of bad choices they made or simply because Twitter was never meant to appeal to a mainstream audience like Instagram and photo-sharing has. I believe that Twitter missed it somewhere along the line. They were doing fine before, doing really great and they were genuinely on track to changing the world.

In these digital times, overtaking is allowed and it happens faster than anyone can really predict. A new social media app can start today and outgrow every other thing we have out there.


ByAdemola Morebise

The Protege, the Apprentice and the difference

Who is a Protégé?

A Protégé can be defined as person who is guided and supported by a more experienced or influential person. A Protégé seeks out and finds a Mentor that can assist with achieving pre-defined goals.

Who is an Apprentice?

An Apprentice is a learner, a person who works for another in order to learn a trade or skill. An Apprentice seeks out and finds a Master that can teach step-by-step and impact with the knowledge needed to achieve mastery in a particular skill.

Which should I seek to become?

I am concerned that many people who need to seek apprenticeship are busy looking for mentorship instead. That is I am writing to you as I believe that many people will make much more out of their lives if only they can submit as an apprentice that can really be trained in an art until mastery is achieved and they can then move on.

A Protégé is someone that has enough knowledge or information already and just needs some guidance in sorting through and making the right decisions. An Apprentice however, is someone that knows that he lacks the necessary know-how to get something done and is humble enough to seek tutelage. It is a valid argument that at the initial stage, you do not have enough knowledge for a mentor to work with. I believe that it is after you have been trained that you may become a Protégé. I used to be an Apprentice and after my drilling and training, I am finally knowledgeable enough to start building out my own ideas. My Masters are now my Mentors.

I had always had those ideas but I lacked the practical know how of getting it done. It is by working for someone that I finally got insider knowledge on getting it done.

I know that everybody wants to be their own boss. I totally get it, but then, we should not be in a hurry to start our own things. We need to realise that nothing equips us to set out and succeed better than Apprenticeship, by subjecting yourself to proper training and ensuring that your goals and that of your Master is properly aligned, it leads to a deeper and richer experience.

Every Master started out as an Apprentice, I think there are some mastery levels that cannot be attained without submitting to Apprenticeship. Apprentice who submit well to their training goes on to become better than their Masters and they carry on the tradition.

What is the difference in the relationship?

One of the key differences between having a Mentor and having a Master is in the way you relate with them and the level of authority you have handed to them.

A Mentor advises, a Master commands.

An advise can (and should) be weighed before a course of action is decided. A command on the other hand leaves little room for negotiation.

You work with a Mentor towards achieving your goals. You work for a Master towards achieving their own goals while building capacity inside yourself to handle your own things later on.


It your own duty to sit down and think, reflect and then decide whether you are really good enough to seek mentors or a master you can learn under. A lot of people have great ideas that never see the light of the day in the long run because they failed to acquire the training they needed to get it done, reading books and attending seminars is nice but it can never impart the experience and wisdom of the master.

Settling down for 3 – 5 years to learn at a master’s feet is not a waste of time! It is a great investment towards your own future, at the end of your apprenticeship, it is so much easier to get started (Your former master can even invest in your company to get you started and then take a seat on your advisory board).

Do not fool yourself that you are looking for a mentor when you should be seeking a master.


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ByAdemola Morebise

It must have bad side effects

The default response people have to new technological ideas are usually skeptic. Most people love to point out any danger they can see whether they be imagined or real.

It is so because people are always afraid of anything they do not understand.

When I shared about the cordless headband that plays music through your skull and leaves your ear free, several people have shown skepticism and it is justifiable. Every bit of technology that hit the mainstream usually receives similar reception; it must have negative side effects.

For many years, people refused to use telephones preferring to visit people in person. For many years, some people refused to use social media because it was childish to post your thoughts online. They love dwelling upon any disadvantage they can find.

The reality however soon dawns in them, there is no excuse for us to shut down our brains and revert back to the stone age. As technology continues to advance and more cool inventions appear on the stage, so also is the fear and panic that technology might just render people lazy and jobless.

Yet, it turns out all is well, all the fears are usually non-existent and the efficiency and productivity boost that technology makes possible is simply fantastic!

People who want to get ahead never ignore or repel technology. They embrace it and maybe you too should.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Don’t despise small things

Because inside every small thing is the seed for bigger things.

All the big things you can see around you mostly evolved from smaller things. Every successful company you see out there started from ground zero. And then they became small, before growing bigger.

If you take your eyes off the small thing that is growing organically in your hands and start chasing big things, you would just miss your miracle moment by several miles. Sure, it is not fun watching small things grow, it can be discouraging and dis-heartening but if we stick with it and keep pushing out, we will connect with the big-ness embedded within.

Inside every small thing is the seed for something bigger and better. If we respect it and take it serious enough, it will give us everything we need.