Tracking the goals

We are now 8 months into 2015 and now is a great time to start talking about those goals. Those ones we set out to achieve in 2015, the ones we (excitedly?) scribbled down late 2014 or early this year.

But here’s the thing about keeping goal tracking. It is much better done if we do it constantly, when you talk and think and take action on your goals daily and weekly. When you review and keep track of progress often, you are much more likely to get it done rather than reviewing it once in a long while and shaking your head at how far behind you have lagged.

All goals have to be reduced to a series of short term tasks: read a book, make a phone call, write 500 words everyday, hire a graphic designer to craft a new logo or whatever it takes.

Life gets busy for everybody, it is those who have figured out how to keep their goals and plans in focus every time that wins. They are the ones on track to fully achieving every goal they planned to achieve in 2015.


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