Would you like to grow your business?

We are starting an online community for people who want to start their business or grow their existing business. Many people are struggling in their business out there and cannot seem to be able to sort it all out. I sat down and googled around, looking for an online destination where you can find comprehensive knowledge and information about starting, running and growing a business in Nigeria and found none.

Sure, there are business blogs online, but what we really need goes beyond blogging. We need more than that.

I write a lot, everyday about business, creativity, productivity and more. However, my mission is not really writing, it is to see changes in the real world. I am not a writer, I am a crusader of change and so, every now and then I re-evaluate the work. I analyse myself and ask tough questions. Is #TMP really delivering any real value? Is #TMP just a vehicle for my ideas or is anybody actually getting better as a result of reading the posts here?

That is why it is always a lot of joy when I receive emails saying “thank you for today’s post because it answered a question I had and now I know what to do” (Although, since the Phoenicians invented money many many years ago, there is scarely a better way to say thank you 😉 You get the idea?). So, such emails makes me happy and wakes me up the next morning, ready to write a fresh post. The emails I do not find useful are emails along the lines of “wonderful post today”. I know I am a good writer, I know the post was wonderful, what I want to know is whether it is useful to you or not and if you are going to apply the ideas therein.

So, #TMP is a great project, no doubt. But even good things can be made better and so, by identifying the need to double down and really be useful to people who are trying really hard to start their businesses or grow their existing business, we needed to raise the bar again.


GYB: GROW YOUR BUSINESS is an online community for Nigerian Entrepreneurs, Nigerian SMEs, Nigerian Small Business Owners to connect, learn and share. Learn how to start and grow your business from our panel of experts and consultants. We have experts that can help out in every area of business development; sales, marketing, recruiting, legal and so much more.

GYB Nigeria has been conceived with a mission to “empower business owners with knowledge, information and ideas that will create opportunites for growth”

We are going to execute through the following:

  • Developing and updating a comprehensive business library with latest business concepts
  • Arranging online and offline trainings and seminars with some events exclusive to ONLY members
  • A forum for interaction among members, ask questions and get real practical answers from people who have experience dealing with such.
  • Providing access to Business Consultants that can provide one-on-one coaching and strategy for your business.

We expect our offering to change as time goes on in order to serve better, but the core mission of empowering people will not change.

You can join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GYBNigeria, the main website is live at: http://gybnigeria.com

I look forward to receiving you there and I trust that you would help us spread the word to anybody and everybody you know that needs to grow their business.


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