Linda and the self made girls

Linda Ikeji, the most successful Nigerian blogger under the blue sky is making the headlines again. She has just unveiled the first set of beneficiaries from her ‘Linda Ikeji I’d Rather Be Selfmade’ project. She doled out ₦5 million to 15 girls.

According to her: “This money is 100% my own money. I didn’t collect a dime from anyone.”

This is a really commendable project and we do hope more people can learn from this and be inspired to start similar programs. I am sure Linda is not taking a stake in the businesses they are starting up.

My only qualm with the project would be that I do not think she is leading them towards building an internet business as she is doing and I do not like that (She did not reveal the business ideas that won but I used my Sherlocky deductive skills to draw conclusions 😉 ). The internet represents the biggest sources of growth for everyone and new business people must learn how to use it to grow business empires.

But I am really excited about this and I am definitely looking forward to more from her.

Well done Linda!


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