Why we need you to step up

Let us start off with some numbers:

Today, Nigeria has a population is around 183 million. By 2020, we have a forecast for a population of around 220 million Nigerians.

By 2050, the forecast says 440 million.

Today, around 1.8 million graduates go into the labour market each year. Around 20.3 million youths are unemployed (Figures from Nigerian Bureau of Statistics. All these people need jobs, all these people needs things to do.

Today, we are just 183 million and our economy is not robust enough to cater for all of us. What will happen when our population explodes? With the free falling standard of education in Nigeria, I worry about the kind of education underprivileged children will have access to in 2020. (I’m not worried about myself, I have enough faith/connections/money to send my kids to the best schools in the world). I attended a public school that had no doors and windows. I wonder if the public schools in 2020 will have buildings at all.

Oil is over and Nigeria is screwed. The world is breaking up with oil on all fronts, the sooner we actually diversify this economy, the better.

What can we do?

We need to “boot” up a new economy, a new economy led by correct thinking Nigerians that will take power into their own hands and get things done. Nigerians have to create millions of new jobs every year and right now, we are delivering only a fraction of that. We really need to have more people like Dangote, hard at work creating jobs.

You are not an Entrepreneur because you want to eat and go on holiday to Dubai every weekend. You are an Entrepreneur because you need to create JOBS.

The question we need to start asking ourselves now is: how many jobs can we create over the next 5 years??

This is why we need you to step up your game.


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