Getting the Life

If you are really interested in getting the kind of results I am having, you have to also prepare to have the kind of life I am living: “my customs, traditions, habits” and all that.

Many people say: “just tell us the principles you apply”. But they are missing the mark; it is not about the principles, everybody now has these principles yet the results vary. The results vary very much because this thing is NOT a performance. It is an outflow of the life within.

There is no need to be jealous or envious of people who seem to be more successful than you are, you simply need to grab the kind of life they are living. This thing is not about the knowledge they have, it also has to deal with the value system, approach to life, the core of everything.

It is spiritual, it is rarely physical only.

For optimal results, you can rarely avoid it, you need the higher life! That’s the life that produces results inside whoever hosts it.

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