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ByAdemola Morebise

A foot in the door

The first thing to secure when we meet a new client is a foot in the door. Now is not the time to really cash in. This usually might mean demonstrating clearly that you are not the one we were seeking for; you are in fact the one we were dreaming about. The one that delivers excellently every time.

If you are too rigid and too hell-bent on enforcing your “superiority” and how you are the best on the planet in the first meeting, you might just end up losing out. Sure, they get to miss out on your awesome skills, but you also get to miss out on the new opportunities the gig might bring you.

I always try to get a foot in the door and then show that I am actually great at the things I do, once I establish this, I now have a better negotiating chance than when I first started out. Of course, I know some people can just be mean and terrible with pricing, and others are just best referred to as “users of men”, but more often than not, it is always better to try and get a foot in the door and not allow the door to close altogether.


ByAdemola Morebise

Sell what we want

With limited resources and time, why on earth do people try to sell products people do not need?

Some investigation and tracking of sales of Apple Watch, the latest i-gadget from Apple seems to have hit a bump.

Apple is currently selling under 20,000 watches per day in the United States—that’s down from 200,000 per day during its opening week. At one point in late June, Apple was only selling between 4,000 and 5,000 watches per day. To put that in perspective, 34,000 iPhones were sold per hour over the holidays in November and December 2014. That’s high, by any standards—the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus had just come out—but it also casts a terrible light on the smartwatch sales numbers.Source

Why is the Watch not looking like another big hit for Apple? Well, people do not need a smartwatch, people even barely want a smartwatch. Companies makes this mistake over and over again that you start thinking such a mistake can never be avoided. But I think it can.

We need to expose our ideas to real people who can genuinely comment on it. We must work to develop products that already have a waiting market by selling things people are craving to but, not something we are craving to sell. It is always easier to sell a solution to a problem people know that they have and that is where I love playing.

Apple Watch is so different from the iPhone, when the iPhone came out, it was coming into a world that already had phones and there was already a demonstrated usefulness for phones. The iPhone did not have to pioneer the idea of what a phone is and why you would need one, people already knew they needed one. The Apple Watch on the other hand, unless I am 15 years old all over again and desperating looking for anything that would make me look cool amongst my equally immature friends, I do not see why I would need it.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Pick up yourself

Stop waiting for them to come access you and decide that you are worthwhile. You can pick yourself and start working out at the things you have in mind to do. I believe that nothing can stop the determined mind that has access to a computing device and Internet access. With access to nearly all the knowledge in the world, you can learn whatever it is you need to so that you can become the people you admire today and even get ahead of them. Yes, you can overtake, it is allowed.

What if you took the first step? Where could it lead to?? If you keep waiting for permission from them before you build your idea, start your business or start building the prototype of that machine on your mind, chances are that they will never grant you such permissions. You have to set out on your own and by yourself, that way, you will not get stuck and start looking to the mountains for help.

What if you took the first step? Where could it lead to?

(And if you have taken the first “baby” steps before and failed, try a 2nd time, 3rd time, 4th time… Do not stop until you win)


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Deal with the present

You have to deal with the present before you can create the future.

If you do not deal with the present, you cannot clear enough ‘mental’ space to deal with the real work: building the future! That is why once again, I want to point out that it is useless to daydream and brag about 12 cool new projects you are going to start very soon. Stop dreaming, settle everything you need to settle and then move on for real.

No matter how entangled and complicated your present looks, you can work from there towards your future. Nobody gets a clean slate that allows them to start all over; John Maxwell explains that every single day, we are either repairing the things we did not do too well yesterday or preparing for new opportunities. So, repair quick, sort out all the things weighing you down and then you can free up room to create the future.


ByAdemola Morebise

Pay your dues

Every Boss started out as a worker.

We have to work our way up the ladder. That is the best way to acquire the skills you need to become a Boss of yourself someday. When you work your heart out for people, you are the one getting better. You are not been taken advantage of (as those short-sighted people always think), rather you are the one taking advantage of.

When you keep on contributing good ideas, work hard and keep improving your skills, you are paying your dues and you are set to take your true position at the top.

I am tired of jokers who want to start at the top without first settling down to acquire knowledge and skills that can only come from working your heart out for someone else.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Thou shall not waste

Smart Entrepreneurs (that’s you by the way) do not waste their resources.

They only focus on what is truly important. They do not waste their money on things that are not essential to the survival of the business, they do not spend money on advertisement that does not bring in any new business.

When you work for them, they clearly spell out what exactly you would do for them. They never hire staff for the sake of hiring, that’s a waste! They do not attend every seminar and conference they can find, that is a waste of time.

The first step to building a profitable business is by eliminating wastage. What resources are you currently wasting? How can you stop the wastage?

ByAdemola Morebise

Productive Everyday

What does it mean to ‘be fruitful’? I think it means to be extremely productive, producing many good results. Many good results, not a few.

We need to push out and create more time to be productive. We need to ring fence some time away from noise and various distractions, we need to be productive everyday. Every single day!

Pushing out work, not once in a while or only when the spirit leads, but everyday! Every single day!!

If we can cultivate a lifestyle of daily productivity, we would have solved a big chunk of our problems.

ByAdemola Morebise

Talents, making money and business

Talents rarely ever automatically translates into money. I am sure you know a lot of talented folks who are broke, very broke and you cannot help shake off the feeling that they have no business been broke. It turns out you are making a mistake, having a skill doesn’t automatically bestows upon you the millions because you still need to learn how to monetise your skills.

Look, a great idea has NEVER matured into a great company. Great business management skills is what the top companies in the whole have, that is how they are able to monetise the vast skills and talents at their disposal. History is full of examples of great ideas that died due to poor business management skills.

In this age and time I meet people everyday who claim to be writers but have NO BLOG AND NO PUBLICATION WHERE THEY CONTRIBUTE TO ON A FREQUENT BASIS, they merely write in their paper notebooks where the writings gather dust. Oh, I even meet someone who claims to be a ‘proficient blogger’ but doesn’t actually run a blog!

So, let’s be clear: you can be born with all the talent in the world, you can acquire all the skills under the sun and still die broke unless you learn how to monetise your skills. How can people hand over their money to you when they have ‘nothing’ to pay you for?

“I am a gifted writer” is meaningless until you convert it into tangibles: articles and pieces that fetch you money.

“I am a skilled fashion designer” is meaningless until we see your designs and can actually buy them.

You are not a ‘master website developer’ until you can show us your body of work which would probably be various websites on the INTERNET (not on some obscure hard drive).

We need to become more productive with our skills, we need to create products people can pay for. Products is what people pay for not the skills and talents.

ByAdemola Morebise

Business is business

Some people are too ‘nice’ to be in business as the Entrepreneur. Men seek such people out to exploit and in no time, such a business is wrecked.

I do not think you necessarily need to become an evil person before you can start, run and grow a business. But more often than not, you would need to grow a ‘thick skin’, you would need to set boundaries and distinctions between yourself and your business, you would need to start taking some actions because it has to be done and not allowing your emotions to get in the way.
How do you explain to your ‘friends’ that the snacks you are baking is for sale and they can’t have any of it for free?

How do you sack an ineffective employee that has a wife and 3 kids to feed? Do you keep him on for emotional reasons?

How do you ensure your workers are not ripping you off too badly?

How do you ensure that predators do not feed off on your business and cheat you?
This is a business and we have to ensure we do all it takes to make it thrive against all assaults and challenges. We have to make the tough decisions, we have to grow the ‘thick skin’ needed.

ByAdemola Morebise

Second half

And so, the second half kicks off. Great time to review those 2015 plans, the same ones that got us off to an excited start a few months back.

Just like in football, anything can still happen in this second half; goals can still be achieved and the game can still be turned around from our opponents. Make no mistake, there is still a lot of action left in this year.

I’ve lagged greatly behind in my own 2015 plans, and I have a ton of ‘viable’ excuses I could tender that would earn me a pat on the back from most but doing so would be cheating myself… For many, there is fear that needs to be conquered and they need to kill off the fear soon before the final whistle sounds off in a few months time.

So, no room should be created for excuses and fear (and public opinion). Regardless of what’s going on, we have to keep creating room for the work to get done.