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ByAdemola Morebise

The truth about marketing

The truth about marketing, whether online or offline is that its impact grows over time. You are able to reach more and more people over time.

Marketing efforts must never be judged by their immediate impact alone. What we need to do is to effectively build the campaigns on top of each other, to ensure the steam never runs out and we have to start all over again.

People who seem to pay no attention to all the “noise” you are making now will call you up soon to mention that they saw your messages and want to patronise you.

ByAdemola Morebise


At some point or the other, we all get disappointed. A delegated task not getting completed on time or the task gets completely screwed up altogether.

The obvious fix for getting disappointed is to bake it into the plan. Setting up plans with room for disappointment and backup plans to fix it. The other fix is to delegate tasks carefully. Never entrust your life’s work into untrusted hands.

Tested and Trusted is not necessarily a cliche. Test people with little tasks, see how well or badly they performed before you commit more serious things into their hands.

Out growing the feeling and effects of disappointment takes a lot of maturity that doesn’t arrive overnight. But we can start the journey regardless of where we are right now.

ByAdemola Morebise

What if you took the first step?

Taking the first step towards meeting a goal or building out a vision is usually the most difficult. It is difficult not because it is hard to do, but because it is the step that requires bravery. It takes bravery to make that leap and jump out, once you are out there and working things out, you then begin to see things coming together.

It requires faith to start up, you might not even have a clear picture of what lies ahead of you but the confidence you have is that once you start moving, the picture starts getting clearer and clearer. Remember that unless you move out to try selling black ties, you will never find out the market actually needed red ties. (In my Build Your Idea course, I actually teach some methods on how to avoid buying the black ties in the first place!)

Which each passing day that you postpone taking the first step, you are killing yourself. One day, after years of stalling, you will find out that your idea is no longer relevant to the people you wanted to build it for.

All of that can be avoided if only you could take that first step.

What if you took the first step? Where could it lead?? (This is the question that has been ringing in my head for several months now) We never know how far we can go unless we try.


ByAdemola Morebise

The world moves fast

It was supposed to be a quick googling around to verify a certain line of code, but it did not stop there. 30 minutes later, I am still clicking and downloading; a programming framework I love using had just been upgraded and there were major differences from the older iterations. I took a deep breath, time to unlearn and relearn again.

The world moves fast, your expert knowledge can be rendered obsolete in 6 months.

The challenge is would you be willing to press the “shift+delete” key to effectively clear away all the old work? Or would you start hunting for compromises, looking for a middle ground between moving to the new and camping with the old?

The world moves fast, the illiterate of these modern times will be the people who refuse to unlearn the old and learn the new.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

A year of posts

One year ago today, I edited my old page at Tinyletter, renamed it The Morebise Post and sent out a broadcast on my BBM and Whatsapp messenger, asking people to sign up to receive THE POST from me every single day.

One year later, I am amazed at how things have played out. 360 posts in 365 days! I have never had it this good before, I have never been this consistent before! Even when I was knocked out by power blackout, fuel scarcity and so, no new post could be published for 4 straight days, my major fear was that once I had stopped for over 3 days I would not be able to continue, but amazing enough once the power came back on, #TMP resumed as normal.

The most important goal for me this past year has been how well could I deliver upon my promise to post every day? Considering how busy I am and all the usual constrains that comes with writing. Before working on #TMP, I had barely written up to 50 blog posts in all from 2007 when I published my first ever blog post online.

The major lesson I learnt is that we truly are not capable of knowing what we are capable of until we try. The question that rings often inside my mind is this: What if you took the first step? Where could it lead??

When I took the first step of signing up for #TMP and committing myself to post everyday, I never knew it would lead this way. If you keep waiting to thoroughly understand everything you need to before you commit to moving, you will never get to work.

Looking ahead, my main assignment for the next year will be to increase readership. I am now ready to make some noise for #TMP everywhere and ensure the posts reach more people everyday.

What if you took the first step? Where could it lead??


ByAdemola Morebise

Transcending location

With all the cool technology we now have at our disposal, I think the old idea of businesses restricted to do business in a certain geographical location should be discarded. Why should I restrict myself to a certain location when I can have it all?

With a little planning and correct thinking, you can deliver value to clients regardless of your geographical location. I have made it clear at this point that I am not based anywhere… I am everywhere. The goal is to be everywhere, available at the push of a button (or buttons).

Open your mind, you no longer need a lot of capital to build a nationwide or worldwide business.


ByAdemola Morebise

Taking a step back

Many people take pride in their long hours of work, they feel that working long hours usually translate into more progress. I think they are dead wrong.

Taking a step back from work every now and then is essential, it allows us to disconnect from the details and look out towards the big picture. Disconnecting from work is as important as working long hard hours often, do not hammer yourself for taking time off to relax, think and ponder over how the work is going.

Sometimes when the going gets tough; new ideas are not coming or the bug is not getting fixed, taking a step back might be all you need.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Marketers are liars?

Marketers are not liars, but if you really want to sell whatever it is you have to offer, you find out that 99% of the time you have to bump it up a little. You have to leave the shores of strictly as-it-is behind and paint in a little fantasy.

Do not talk about how your product does what it does (in fact, you should never talk about how you do the amazing things you do), your focus is on what it does and how awesome it does it, and how it is better than any other alternative out there. (You now see why I told you to believe in your product?)

You have to tell stories that will resonate with your target audience, you have to make promises, you have to sound larger than life.

Technically, you start lying when you know you can never deliver what you are promising, and that is not ethical!


ByAdemola Morebise

Chasing the 146m

Latest numbers from NCC say the active lines in the nation’s telecommunications industry stood at 146,561,744 in May. Out of this 146m, 144m are GSM network subscribers.

I recently had an epiphany that Nigerians might be coming online in drones, but mentally, there is still a gap to be filled; many people in Nigeria are yet to truly enjoy the convieniece and power that the modern mobile phone puts in their hands. We, the early adopters, the techy literate ones already know these things and we approach making our things this way: brilliant and sohisticated, but what if what the mass needs right now is: simple stupid?

These days, I have started paying attention to how real people use their phones; I met a university graduate that does not store anybody’s phone numbers on her smartphone because she does not know how to! I know various people who cannot confidently execute common tasks on their devices that you and I take for granted.

If we are really serious about building products and services that will resonate with the 146m telco users in this country, we have to sit down and deal with the present situation while we patiently usher them in to the future. A friend interested in providing a service for parents wanted to print flyers containing his website address and then go around sharing the handbills; brilliant idea on the surface, terrible approach when we really think about it. A greater majority of those he will give his website address to will never check it out, they do not have smartphones or they might not have internet access or they might not even know what a website is. This is the real situation we have to deal with.

I am confident someone will eventually be able to build something that can be adopted in mass by these 146m subscribers, for now, we wait because it is clear to us that no one has really found a way to solve this challenge yet.


ByAdemola Morebise

The best use of money

The best use of money is definitely to spend it purposely. What is the point of amassing all the wealth in the world when all I am interested in doing is owning several houses, eating, drinking and throwing parties everyday?

A trend I noticed is that the wealthiest people on the planet are also the most generous, (Click and read: How 8 Billionaires are giving money away to charitable courses). It seems like you work hard to make a lot of money and then you work hard to give it all away.

Money must be used to advance God’s mission in the world.

Money must be used to make a real difference in the lives of people (beyond eating, drinking and partying).

Money must be spent purposely.