Working harder now

It is way better to work hard now that you have the chance to, now that you have the means to. If we can lay a solid foundation for our lives early enough, we will not to experience the ills and fears that come with aging.

A school of thought describes entrepreneurship as compressing your working years into a few years, working very hard for a few years so that you can enjoy the rest of your life the way very few people can. The idea is that rather than work for about 40 years and then retiring, you work hard building your own company and then cashing out by selling it or building a system to keep it running while you free up yourself. Building your own company will take you about 5 – 10 years of brutally hard, soul-crushing work, but once you succeed and the business is running, you are set for life.

You would never need to work another day again!

But, if you snooze through your days, taking each day as it comes without any concrete plans for the future, you will end up working for all those 40 long years and what would you have to show for it? Of course, it is a easier path in that you do not need to work so hard, but really when I can comfortably retire at 35 – 40 years, why waste my life by retiring at 65 – 70 years? Imagine all the good I can do with those extra years!

Therefore, I would rather work hard now, today, taking comfort in the knowledge that one day – my pay day, I will be able to buy all the flashy toys I want to play with, I will be able to take my wife to any resort centre of her choice in the whole universe and my kids will be able to get 1000x better education than I ever had access to. All these things are dreams that every body has, but it requires brutal, soul-crushing hard work today if I am serious about seeing it in reality.

Hard work has never killed anybody before. It will not kill me.


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