Facebook, Google+ and the Leverage advantage

I do not have to be better, faster, stronger or even wiser than you. All I need is a better leverage.

If you are able to use your market position, resources and contacts to maximum advantage, even you would be amazed by how far you can do.

Facebook is not the #1 social network because it has the best tools for staying in touch with people, it is the #1 social network because the Facebook team has learnt to leverage their 1.44 billion users to maximum effect. You cannot just decide to ignore Facebook these days.

Google built some insanely cool technology into Google+, but the issue here is that social networking is not about the technology, it never was. It has always been about the people. As long as Facebook’s primitive tools keeps working well enough for us to pretend we are keeping in touch by sharing photos and quotable quotes all day, we are fine.

Facebook boldly leverages its 1.44 billions users any chance they get; they limit how far businesses can promote their things for free on the platform, if you try leaving, they actually present you with faces of friends that will “miss you”.

The key question here should be what can I leverage to make me grow stronger and crush off my competitors?


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