Who are you talking to?

Every campaign for your product, service, event or any thing at all must pass through the filter of “who are we talking to?”, a specific and well defined target audience should be in mind. We have to avoid the trap of telling ourselves that this campaign is for everybody, that is not a good way to execute things.

A Marketing executive once told me: “Don’t whine when you see ads that are crappy. You are simply not the target audience”. After all, one man’s meat is indeed another man’s poison.

When you do things that are too general, they end up been useless to anybody in particular. When you zoom in and pick an audience, we can then really deliver something they will find meaningful.

It is also extremely important to point out that when marketing your wares, do not discuss in your own words. Use words that would be more familiar to your target audience. My techy brethren, my eyes are on you… All the ranting on bytes, apps, cloud, git commits and all that are not relevant. Learn to talk in terms of the goals of the people you seek to serve, that is all there is to these things. It is not much harder than that.


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