Working out ideas

Ideas rule the world, ideas are the bedrock of our modern economy.

However, beyond gathering ideas, we need to learn how to work out ideas and how to move ideas to the next level. Too many ideas eventually wasted because the execution was poor. Generally, the more you build out ideas, the better you become at it, learning what to do and what not to do by trial and error. Most times, it seems we give up too soon on working out an idea or we greatly underestimated the amount of work it would require to get things moving.

A more effective way is through mentorship or apprenticeship. A good mentor can show you much more in less time than all the books in the world could ever do, seeking out mentors with a proven track record of ability to work out their own ideas and build it out into something serious is a very smart move.

This is not the season to list out a dozen ideas you need to start soonest. This is the season to focus and work out your ideas.

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