A year of posts

ByAdemola Morebise

A year of posts

One year ago today, I edited my old page at Tinyletter, renamed it The Morebise Post and sent out a broadcast on my BBM and Whatsapp messenger, asking people to sign up to receive THE POST from me every single day.

One year later, I am amazed at how things have played out. 360 posts in 365 days! I have never had it this good before, I have never been this consistent before! Even when I was knocked out by power blackout, fuel scarcity and so, no new post could be published for 4 straight days, my major fear was that once I had stopped for over 3 days I would not be able to continue, but amazing enough once the power came back on, #TMP resumed as normal.

The most important goal for me this past year has been how well could I deliver upon my promise to post every day? Considering how busy I am and all the usual constrains that comes with writing. Before working on #TMP, I had barely written up to 50 blog posts in all from 2007 when I published my first ever blog post online.

The major lesson I learnt is that we truly are not capable of knowing what we are capable of until we try. The question that rings often inside my mind is this: What if you took the first step? Where could it lead??

When I took the first step of signing up for #TMP and committing myself to post everyday, I never knew it would lead this way. If you keep waiting to thoroughly understand everything you need to before you commit to moving, you will never get to work.

Looking ahead, my main assignment for the next year will be to increase readership. I am now ready to make some noise for #TMP everywhere and ensure the posts reach more people everyday.

What if you took the first step? Where could it lead??


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