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ByAdemola Morebise

Culture over talent

I belong to the camp of people who believe the why you do something is much more important that how or how well you do what you do.

I have core values I live by and run my things by and I like working with people who have similar values as that takes a bunch of challenges away. For starters, people who work with you only because of their next pay check is such a terrible idea, they are merely a gun for hire, such people seldom ever contribute their own ideas to the mission. They want you to simply describe what you want so that they can bill you appropriately and move on, it is simply business. (By the way, thinking you can get them to change and care about the work might not work out as smoothly as you think.)

Having a clear range of core values that defines your company culture is a great idea. Whoever is joining our company knows exactly why and how we do the things we do. Having great talent but not willing to behave the way we do is a red flag.

Many people fired up by passion to see real change in the world around them start ventures that fizzle out because as each person stops by to mock them on the folly of what they are doing, they lose the fire they started with.

We should have a strong focus on culture-fit and sometimes it might mean firing great people who have different values. However, I am convinced that nothing can stop a team of determined people bound together for a (great cause) they all believe in.


ByAdemola Morebise

Rolling out a grand vision

Every now and then, some one conceives a vision, those grand visions of a company worth building. The major challenge such people have is with rolling it out; they want to start everything right now, today.

It rarely works like that.

Rolling out a grand vision is not something we ought to attempt doing overnight for a number of reasons. The most important reason is because some things just need time, people always resist changing the status quo, changing the way things are done. If your work is truly revolutionary, you will find out that you would need to first entice people (your target audience and team members alike) to buy into the vision by solving a simple problem they know that they have, from that humble beginning you will be able to roll out more and more of what has been deposited inside you.

Easy to say, hard to do. When you caught a real vision, it burns through your veins and you want to do everything right now.

However, there is barely any other way to go through with it, it has to be brick by brick, building up towards the main thing.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

What are we getting?

We have to pick our words carefully, ensuring that our partners/customers/users understand exactly what is going on and what we have to offer.

I think the era of vague description and vague offers is over. The 20 page privacy policy will be read by no normal user and if your ‘about’ page is longer than needed, it will also get skipped. These days, people barely pay attention.

If you cannot easily present your case clearly, in as few words as needed, its game over.

ByAdemola Morebise

Money second

Money second. Value first.

We ought to be more desperate to deliver value than we are to collect money from our customers.

The reason is obvious to me; if I deliver value, I will be able to sell more stuff to my customer and I will be able to get referrals more easily. If all I’m after is getting paid, I might not come across as genuine and authentic enough.

When we focus on delivering real value to our customers and help them achieve their goals, we build solid bridges for the future.

ByAdemola Morebise

Templates and due process

No ground breaking work ever came from following templates or industry best practices. If you really want to start a revolutionary business, you would have to minimise templates and following due process, both have become a substitute for thinking.

When hit with a fresh situation at work, do we sit down and try to creatively solve it or do we scurry around looking for the due process as laid down in 1962?

For your start up to move quickly, you have to be extra careful with hiring people who are a walking library of due processes, templates and best practices.

If you really want to do something that matters, you will not readily find a template for it.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

A fundamental truth about selling

You cannot sell something you do not really believe in or do not really understand.

When we meet people with the aim of getting them to buy stuff from us, the important things we have to pass across include a feeling of confidence in the product, that what we have to offer is the real deal and they cannot get anything better.

Passion cannot be faked. It is either you have it or not.

Before you head out to sell, ask yourself… Do I really believe in the products I am selling?

Once we get past this issue, you can explain yourself in 10,000 ways. You are not a bad salesman, you just have not found something worth selling yet.

Your task therefore is to find something you feel is worth selling.


Watching the World


ByAdemola Morebise

Some deep thoughts about sex

I had a conversation with some Christian brethren last year on the sacred issue of sex. We discussed about the “sexual pollution” of the world and the purity God wants us to have. But as the discussion progressed…. It dawned on me: “In Christianity, sex is NOT UNDERSTOOD, it is FEARED”. We fear sex as if it is the one way ticket to hell, the #1 thing God hates so much.

The thing is that I know enough about God to know that he never wants us to do anything in fear. He always presents all sides of the coin and leave you to make a decision, free will is not a scam. Free will is real. So, I chose to understand sex, so that I can better appreciate my decision to stay pure.

So, I decided to investigate sex. I dug in. dug in deep.

A lot of things I discovered are even too deep for a public post like this, but let me share a little with you.

Have you ever wondered why sex leads to babies? Forget the biological explanation of sperms fertilizing an egg. What about the spirit and soul of the baby??

A human being is more than flesh and blood, I am a Spirit, I have a soul and I live inside a body. Sex is one of the few instances when all 3 aspects of a man comes together. As you log into the woman with your rod, your soul and spirit is getting melded together with hers.

And so, one of the first thing I discovered is that sex is spiritual, sex is not a physical manifestation, it is a spiritual thing.

The SEXUAL energy is a SPIRITUAL energy and it is also a CREATIVE energy. I learnt this from my research which validated other things I had noticed personally about myself.

I am a creative person and I do a lot of brain storming, I used to also struggle with masturbation. I specially noticed that whenever I started thinking about a problem – whether in science, technology, design or business and I focused deep enough, a sexual feeling would begin to warm in my veins and various related thoughts would come, but if I prevailed and brushed it off, somehow channeling my thoughts back to the matter at hand, I would hit a major thought breakthrough.

During my research, I found similar stories. A writer unable to write found out accidentally that by stroking himself to the “edge of release” and then turning back his attention to the matter at hand, he was able to write faster and clearer, as if he had hit a gusher of sorts. (I cannot judge him for masturbating, I leave that to him and God)

Sex creates connections, deep connections that goes beyond the mind. A lot of women are in wrong relationships and they cannot get out because of this sexual bond. Even though everyone can see how awful things are, she cannot. The bond, the link between them overwhelms her mind and it numbs the pains in her body. Very few women can differentiate between sex and love. Guys exploit women a lot on this ground; they just want the sex, but the woman wants the love, she craves for the love.

Can you really differentiate between sex and love? When I tell a woman “I love you”, what mental picture comes into her mind??

I have once heard a guy confess that sometimes he sleeps with some women that brings him “bad luck”. Once you sleep with a woman, you connect with her spirit and soul, you create a connection between you and everyone else she has ever slept with and through these connections, things flow in and out of your life.

Have you ever heard about the concept of “soul-mates” and “soul-ties”? It is very real, in fact, 1 or 2 soul ties have formed between me and some really close female friends that I had to sit down and prayerfully break them off so that I could move on with my life… and I did not even sleep with them o! Just the normal friendship package and maybe a hug here and there. (I now have a stricter no-hugs policy for women close to me)

Sex is spiritual, and spiritual energy can be used to create “room” for you to succeed. The spiritual controls the physical, anything you want to get done in life, whether to graduate from school or build a big company, you need to develop spiritual capacity to handle. Every drop of your spiritual energy is needed, you have to focus it. One more personal experience in this regard, I was once praying for someone when I noticed sexual energy warming up in my veins as I felt the power of God descend. It then dawned on me why anointed pastors fall into sexual sins. This sexual issue is not white and black, it is in complicated and sophisticated shades of gray.

Sex taxes your creative life force in a heavy way, if you are not using it to create life, in terms of sex in a marriage with a goal of bonding with your partner and creating babies, then you are making a poor choice.

Forget about pregnancy scare and contacting diseases, even if you do not get pregnant, many young people are “fucked” out, and that is why they have no vision or purpose for their lives. Some others catch a glimpse of a vision but as long as they keep wasting their life’s creative force via casual sex with multiple partners, they do not retain enough power inside them that can birth the vision.

I am in my mid-twenties and I am the proud father of a great vision. People interact with the fruit of my life’s creative force everyday, they thank me for it, pay me for it and they give glory to God. The energy I use to co-ordinate a dozen life-changing projects everyday is the same energy I need to father a dozen children or “sex up” 3 dozen women or more. By channeling my energy creatively, I believe I am better off.

Staying sexually pure is a smart “business” decision. Sexual energy is best used creatively to make stuff and to create more room for yourself spiritually.

ByAdemola Morebise


A growing number of people want to start companies because they want to “be their own boss”, it is a flawed picture. Totally flawed.

The wrong assumptions include thinking that just because you run your own business, you can choose to work anytime you want and you can do whatever you like per time. It does not work that way, in fact, it is nearly the opposite; starting your business will require an insane amount of time investment from you. You will spend most of your waking hours working on the business, trying to grow the business, fighting to keep the business alive for another month.

Just because you are a talented person with some good technical skills does not mean you can start a company. You have to understand and respect the fact that the only work that keeps a company floating is not the technical aspect. Running a business involves the (sometimes complicated) co-ordination of many moving parts, running a business is not for the faint hearted.

Now, let us move on to the truth: we all have bosses, we all have people who tell us what to do.

Working in a company means you have a person you report to. Working for “yourself” might mean trading your one boss for many bosses; angry clients bombarding you with deadlines and ready to tear you apart. Many freelancers are not really entrepreneurs like they like kidding themselves to believe.

In a business, the ultimate boss is the customer, customers tell us what to do all the time and we can either comply or get fired – the customer has got choices.

Going Boss-less is really an illusion. It does not happen, you will always find yourself reporting to someone or the other. My candid advice to people is to seek out a place where they can find the leadership and mission that excites them, if you do not find such, feel free to start such a place.

Starting a business is not about whether you are the boss or not. It is about asking yourself every day: “Are we working on something that matter to the world in this place?”, “Does this organisation empower me to do my best?”.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

More than numbers

We should not only pay attention to the numbers; various pieces of the business we can measure and place a number on like number of customers, revenue, staff strength and so on.

We should not reduce all that our business stands for into a profit and loss statement. That is the height of immaturity (and cluelessness).

ByAdemola Morebise

I cannot really hear you

This is surely the best way to respond to the critics. Especially those who lack the ability to constructively criticise a work, those who criticise work without any clear framework of thought.

“I cannot really hear you” means I can hear you because my hearing is perfectly fine and I am even going to sieve through what you are saying in case you have a useful tip or two buried in all the gibberish you are saying so that I can get better, but you are not recognised. Everything you are saying do not really matter to me.

Giving critics more attention than they really deserve is bad for the health.


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