The work that matters

I think life is just too short for you not to seek out and pursue a career in something that really counts. The same energy you expend on crappy ideas is the very same energy you will expend on work that matters.

Why now pick something that does not really matter?

I know the major headache for most people is “what will I eat and drink? How will I survive?” It is the nagging question behind everyone’s mind. It is one of the top questions on my mind these days as my own life too has transitioned from a not-for profit venture bankrolled by my Dad into a for-profit, sell-or-die venture funded by myself.

The confidence we have in stubbornly choosing to work on things that really matter even though there might be no apparent immediate monetary rewards is that money flows towards value providers. If I concentrate on working hard to create value, I will sooner or later hit massive wealth.

Money is merely a reward for solving problems. The bigger the problem, the bigger the payout.

If anyone can conjure a cure for cancer right now, that person (or team) cannot end up less than a billionaire. That is how the world works. Not just cancer though, there are thousands of big problems out there that can be solved if we had more people looking into it, but these days we all want to enjoy life on the fast lane and no one is willing to work hard and long on things like this.

We need you to seek out and pursue a career in something that really counts. Do something that matters with your work life.


Watching The World


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