Laying a sure foundation

Every building needs a strong foundation inorder to stand firmly and stand the test of time. A business, project or whatever you spend your time doing also needs such.

I believe there is a spiritual realm, and I believe that the spiritual controls the physical. I believe that anything physical that will stand firmly over the years will need a strong spiritual foundation.

I am always ready to prepare a strong spiritual foundation for any business or project I want to embark upon, so that they can stand the heat and test of time.
When I get an idea for a new business or project, I NEVER rush out into building it out, I try to pray it out and establish it spiritually first. I pray and pray and pray (for hours, days, weeks or months) for as long as it takes, until I can ‘see’ it.

Last week, I was hanging out with a friend and he was like there is an app he has to build right away because he had spiritually seen how the app would turn out already!

Truth be told, when I talk about tenacity and boldly moving towards our vision. The reason I never waver from my own quests is because I’m always sure God is involved, I’m sure we’ve established this thing spiritually, its just to work it out physically that is left to do.

Spend time in the ‘power house’ to generate a solid firming for your business and projects. It works wonders.


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