The making of a Tech Entrepreneur

The journey to becoming a tech entrepreneur is hardly one that we can do overnight. It seems to me to be slow and steady, gradually.

Every now and then, I meet people who have ideas for mobile apps or websites and have no clue about how to get them built. To me, the answer is obvious; they need to learn programming, they need to become more technical, but most of the time, they see it as a grand waste of their time.

Why spend so much time learning? Can we not just hire some freelancers to get it done for us? Or can we not just get a technical person to build it for us for free in exchange for stakes in the company? Sadly, it rarely ever works out as planned.

In this digital times, if you are serious about starting anything that will be truly innovative, some form of digital technology will be involved and you ought to take the path of truly understanding how it works, master the field. Besides, does it not make sense to acquire the skills that you would need to function properly? Taking 2 years to learn what you have to inorder to build a company that stays online for 10 years is worth it by my own evaluation.

That is the making of the Tech Entrepreneur. You have to understand the technologies that power these things, they really help in developing really useful services.

We are at a point in history whereby anybody who can inject some digital tech, mobile solutions or social media into what they do would leap frog a lot of competition.


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