Not always about the “right-now” profit

ByAdemola Morebise

Not always about the “right-now” profit

All business endeavors should not be about the “right-now” profit. Profit in terms of short term monetary gains, not all business endeavors should be all about the money. There are other factors that ought to be considered.

Sometimes you want to do things for the sake of building trust, building a name for yourself first before zooming in to make a killing.

Sometimes you want to do things for the sake of building a relationship with people you can then sell to over and over again.

Sometimes you have to contribute to overall progress of your industry through various initiatives. For example, teaching kids how to code for free. (You do not make a killing, but the world gets new developers)

These things will not translate into money overnight, but they add tremendous value and create a leverage for you in the longer run.


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