Head of an ant

Would you be the head of an ant or the tail of an elephant?

Literally, the question is would you hold on to your small company and stand as the CEO or would you rather band up with people to build a bigger and more powerful company? Would you rather go to work for an industry leader like say Konga for example, or you roll out yet another e-commerce store?

If your goal is to solve problems and you find a place where such goals are in alignment, where you can make meaningful contributions to the world, what else do you want?

I know everybody wants to be an Entrepreneur, be “their own Boss” and those with Bosses have been told to “fire their Boss”. But truth be told, we all have Bosses, we all have people who tell us what to do.

Are you really a visionary who has something to offer mankind that not been seen before? Or are you just an ambitious fool who arrogantly wants to have something to call theirs? Search yourself.

I think the reason we do not have so many Nigerian billion dollar companies yet is because of this issue of my own thing. The intellectual capacity of 10 people whose teaming will create a billion dollar company is wasted when each of them goes on to create small companies instead.

It is better to own 5% of a $240 billion company, than be the Founder, Chairman, CEO and President of a $12 million company that you own 100%.

Head of the ant or tail of the elephANT, its your choice, really.


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