Women and our motivation to start

So, the following message came in from a #TMP reader:

“Mr. Morebise, I have a problem, I want to create a web app but I am not just inspired to start, any ideas on what to do?”

Of course, I had a theory and an idea. That is why he asked in the first place, right?

My response:

“Women are great motivators especially if they buy into your idea, therefore I think you should share the idea with a female friend or a significant other who understands the concept, appreciates it and buys into it.

She can then NAG you until you finish the project :D”

I do not think it gets any harder than that. History is filled with a lot of amazing tales about incredible things men did after been motivated a woman – their mum, wife, girlfriend or an ex!

While I do not know how authentic the Facebook story is, legend has it is that a woman provoked Mark Zuckerberg to create Facebook. Away from fan fiction then and on to reality (something we can verify for accuracy before I start sounding like those motivational types):

In August 1888, Bertha Benz, the 39-year-old wife of German engineer Karl Benz, made history when she became the first person to complete a long-distance trip by automobile. The trip helped popularize Karl Benz’s latest invention—and likely saved him from professional and financial ruin. That invention is what led to Mercedes Benz, one of the top car brands in the world (Read full story, click here). God knows I want such a woman, scratch that – God knows I NEED such a woman to “wife” me.

A significant other or a female friend who buys into what you do can really assist you with motivation to go on, help you refine your ideas as she will think about the whole thing in a way you never could. I have such a friend and she is very invaluable to me.


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