Throwing more money

Anytime we hit a challenge at our business, our first response is to throw more money at it.

You need more people to know about your upcoming conference? Simple, let us buy more ads and that should fix it, right? Not really. The challenge with this default response of throwing more money is that you can never throw enough money into the mix, someone with more money will turn up and throwing more money leads to only short term gains.

Throwing more money today would likely yield at best short term gains. But a visionary businessman knows that she needs to optimize at all times for the longer journey ahead.

What we really need is a little more wisdom, a well thought plan will always win over money. Things get more interesting when the real thing we need to throw at it is patience and not more money.


Watching The World

  • Konga is about to launch KongaPay and I think this is a true game changer. (I am definitely not the only one to recognise the similarities here, right: Alibaba, Aliexpress and AliPay.)


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