Startup Faith

I had some conversations recently with several people about the challenges of starting a business. You do not have to be a genius before you know “startup capital” must be amongst the top 3 challenges of starting a business.

Well, actually it is #1 challenge!

Someone even went as far as suggesting he still needed to work for a full year before he could finally venture out. As I mulled over the facts before me, the truth dawned on me.

You see, it is not really about having $5 or $5,000. The most important thing we need to have is not really startup capital, it is startup faith. We need to develop a belief system that the business we are about to start will be successful and that we will be able to attract all the resources we are going to need.

It is not about having startup capital, it is about do you have enough faith to start your ventures?

In 2011, I would hangout with friends to brainstorm and analyse several startup business ideas. Our task was to look for a billion-dollar idea (no kidding). After several months of meetings, we found NOTHING. Not because the ideas we tossed about where lame, they were not, it was just that we could not SEE the billions inside of them; we lacked any real faith to start any serious project.

We have to stop crying and rolling inside the mud.

We have to keep going forward.

We have to develop faith and kill off fear.

Fear remains the real enemy and not lack of funds.


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