Becoming more productive starts with a step

ByAdemola Morebise

Becoming more productive starts with a step

There are tons of advice out there about productivity, but I have found out that most of the time, getting to apply them does not seem to work. Not because the advice peddled are terrible, but because as I have now come to realise, productivity is a personal thing.

The habits I cultivated to make me more productive might not work for you.

Everyone needs to start from the place of admission: “I am not as productive as I can be”, once you make this statement and admit it internally, you are now ready to dive in and explore for yourself new habits and traits that would make you more productive.

Once you admit you are simply unproductive and you do not make up excuses for the lapses, you are on the way to improved productivity. Once you are fired up from within, you can then quickly find tips that can be applicable to what you want to get done.


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