Tools and toys

ByAdemola Morebise

Tools and toys

We use tools for work, we play with toys.

You make money when you build or sell tools that makes other people’s lives easier. After a certain stage, toys are relegated to the background because it is people that earn their free time that looks for toys.

Facebook might have started as a toy, but smart people watching the company must have observed a shift. Facebook is now building tools, tools to empower businesses and other developers. At the Facebook developers conference yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the popular Facebook Messenger was now going to become a platform that will help you not only send money as previously announced but also potentially help you buy things, and allow other developers to build things on top of it.

Very soon, Facebook messenger could be responsible for helping you hail taxis, order cakes, send documents from your Dropbox, talk to doctors and anything others can imagine using the platform for.

For the Techie looking for the next big thing, go and build a tool. Shikena!


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