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ByAdemola Morebise

Bad bad bad bad day!

In business, some days will just turn out bad. You will feel frustrated, you will feel like carving in to the pressure to close shop and go home.

It is at this point that wise businessmen start rejoicing, because you see, after a very bad day it can only get better… It cannot get worse!

When you are down on the ground, the only way you can go is up!

Surviving a bad day of business is simple, you just need to remind yourself why you are doing whatever it is that you are doing and decide that you have come too far to quit.

Bad days in business are as important as the very good days. Bad days make you tough and teach you the hard lessons; provided you are not too angry to identify the message life is passing across.


Watching The World

  • Interswitch Launches $10,000,000 E-Payment Fund For Startups
  • Meet Rupt, a new kind of digital currency backed by mobile airtime. A young Nigerian is in the process of inventing this based on his frustrations with e-payments in Nigeria. Read about it here. (I am very skeptic over chances of success, but I love the audacity of his thoughts)


ByAdemola Morebise

The problem with hype

The problem with hype is that it rarely ever stands the test of time. I have been a keen observer of the global tech scene for a while (my hobby is actually watching the world) and I have observed that the most hyped people and products almost never delivers upon the hype. It is the people nobody are watching, people that nothing were expected from that goes on to do the great things. (Oh, of course the hypers changes focus and start hyping these ones too)

So, if your life’s work is to move mountains, you must ignore and resist the temptation to chase hype that has no substance behind it. You must keep the real goals in view and keep examining yourself to see if you truly still on track.

Do not optimize for hype or build your career upon empty hype, those who do simply fizzle out.

Work hard as much as you can, if you get hyped by the media, make the most of it. But for the most part, men of vision do not do hype. We should forget the hype and build up real substance.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

The name game

When I say Bill Gates, you will say Microsoft almost automatically.

Mark Zuckerberg, you say Facebook.

Mike Adenuga, you say Glo.

Steve Jobs and Apple

Sim Shagaya and Konga

Tajudeen Adepoju and Nigerian Entertainment (SoundCity is one of his many brands)

Aliko Dangote and you get the idea….

This brand new week, a question top of my mind is this: What is the ONE thing I will mention and people will immediately think about you?

What brand or business can we associate with your name?


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Backup Force

I hate sounding like a bad record, yet I cannot really stop myself from writing about the importance of having a strong spiritual force backing up anybody who wants to be truly successful.

I have seen and heard of so many cases that makes an extraordinary case for the existence of spiritual forces that somehow have a way of influencing physical activities.

It take much more than skills to achieve success in life, a lot of people attribute their success to luck. Only that there is no such thing as luck. Luck is a word thrown around often by people who are trying to cover up what they really did. I am not a lucky man, I am a blessed man; my days are always lit up with good things always coming my way.

On paper, 2+2 always produces 4. But in reality 2+2+x is what gives us the answer, and you can consider x to be the sum total of all the forces working for and against you.

These things are subtle, slippery. Whenever we fail at something, there will always be physical things to point at but at times, these things are more than meets the eye.

So, be more spiritual. If you are a Christian as I am, then you ought to create an habit of praying everyday, studying the word of God and developing your spirit man. (We eat everyday as our living well depends on it. Praying is more important)

If you are of another faith, press into it and study how you can accumulate spiritual power. (If your religion fails to grant you access to such powers, I can assure you there is power in my own faith – It has never failed me and I would be glad to show you how we do it.)

Time invested into developing spiritual power is not a waste; you will need it for maximum success in anything you decide to spend your time doing.


ByAdemola Morebise

Do you love me?

Do you love me?

Think before you answer!

If you love me, you will naturally start coming up with answers and solutions to anything that is bugging me.

A lady once broke down in tears inside her room, Guy A walks in and sits with her, wraps his arms around her and consoles her. She starts feeling better. (Even though the problem remains unsolved)

A lady once broke down in tears inside her room, Guy B (or Guy M. 😉 ) walks in and without really saying a word, heads over to fix the problem that made her cry in the first place. He solves the problem swiftly and walks out again.

From my story, who really loves the lady the most?

Why cant I shake off the feeling that most ladies might prefer Guy A over Guy B? Loving someone or a vision therefore has various levels. Are we really been useful to the causes we love or do we merely identify?

If you love me, you will naturally start coming up with answers and solutions to anything that is bugging me.

Now replace “ME” with any set of people in the world, and you are on your way to creating something that will be relevant, loved and may even form a profitable business down the line.


ByAdemola Morebise

Grabbing the future

It is not a completely sound business strategy to run so hard, trying to win the present.

There are incumbents who already control literally everything inside that business space already and you will simply pitch yourself in a war against them for no sound reason.

What most people resort to is to fight for the breadcrumbs by offering really low prices and attracting the bottom tier of the market.

I think there is a better way.

Rather than fight for the present, I would rather create the future.

Rather than fight for the present, I would rather take a long term view and work hard enough to become a key part of the future. What smart startups do is that they create a product/service that renders the current market leaders irrelevant.

And that should probably be a better business strategy.


ByAdemola Morebise

The Creative mind and minding Business

Creative people; the people who sit down to create something, either a blog post, a game, a graphical illustration or whatever have to maintain a balance between creating stuff and other aspects of business. Especially marketing.

You have to learn how to switch off every form of distraction and focus on the task at hand: creating cool stuff.

Yet, you cannot focus exclusively on creating (especially if you are a one man band). You need to spend some time marketing your products. Sometimes, I wish I could just stay in my creative zone and keep working, but sooner or later, hunger will come calling… Then you realise that beyond creating things, you also need to create a revenue generating plan or structure. That is what will keep you freed up to continue creating things.

Business partnership and division of labour seems the smart route, the only challenge is just that business partnerships does not always work out. Sometimes, your staff and partners are not just as fired up as you are, they may slack or decide to rip you off and business still fails.

I completely subscribe to the school of thought that encourages business owners to also involve themselves in every aspect of the business even areas that seem outside their core competencies, this helps you get a wholesome view of the business and as such, you will be able to offer more practical suggestions to the business team.

The creative mind has to focus and create things, then you have to switch into marketing mode and go out there to tell people about yourself and what you can do.

The time to start marketing yourself and looking for your next contract is not after you have completed a project. It has to be a continuous process just as you create things everyday also.


ByAdemola Morebise

The very essence of business

Starting and running a business is not exactly rocket science.

We need to strip away all the unnecessary jargons used in business schools, and written about in business books, you know those fat business books written by people who have never actually started a real business in their life. They make business sound vague and un-intelligible, business then starts looking like quantum physics! Complex mathematics that nobody ever really understood.

And so, every now and then you meet people with bright ideas but by focusing on all those jargons except the essence of their business, they still fail to startup a real business.

What is the essence of business?

At its very essence, a business is all about selling something for a higher price than it cost you to get it.


It does not have to get harder than that!


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Start Shitty, Start Crappy

I have done a lot of extensive research into how great movements and companies began, the result is that most of them started in a small way and when they started, even though you could see the brilliance of the idea, their initial products were definitely shitty and crappy.

I believe in the power of starting small and maturing into a giant rather than attempting to start the journey on the fast lane. I believe the slow lane, the days of little beginning are the days that shape us up and gets us ready to handle the bigger and faster things.

So, if you cannot get your hands on every thing you need to build a powerful business today, do not fret. What do you have in your hands right now? What can you make of it?

Stalling is the enemy.

Stalling until everything falls into place is not the solution.

You could get started on any idea inside your mind right now, if only you would be willing to start shitty and crappy.

P.S. Take my course next month (March, 2015): BUILD YOUR IDEA.


Watching The World


ByAdemola Morebise

Local Champions

You must realise that you have to become the very best you can be, not becoming the very best around.

The best man in a town where the average is 25% can not compete with the best man coming from a town where the average is 95%. Due to advancements in tech, the world is now such a small place and as a result of this, our competition is no longer local.

What is the difference between buying online from a Nigerian ecommerce startup or a Chinese one? Do you see the point? Nigerian ecommerce companies must not be good enough, they have to be very good to really survive.

The age of the local champion is over.

So, never relent on becoming better than you simply because you are just a local champion. Local is good, global is better.