My Super Nanny!

I stumbled upon Noa Mintz yesterday. 3 years ago, she started a babysitting agency. Today, her company rakes in over $300,000 every year. (That is around ₦60, 000, 000)

Today, she is 15 years old and HIRED a 26 year old woman as CEO to run the company for her.

Say hello to Nannies by Noa

She has acquired about 200 clients in 3 years of operation. With 25 full-time nannies and 50 baby sitters working an average of 15 hours a week, she’s made enough money to hire a CEO to run the company for her while she attends school.

Anytime I discuss the concept of Student by Day, Millionaire by Night with students and employees, the reaction is usually the same: these things are not possible, these things are not feasible. While I admit to be a very optimistic person, I still fail to see why it is impossible to own 2 or 3 taxis running the street while you face your studies.

But that aside, one reason I am interested in this Noa Mintz story is because of the nature of the company she started. For a long while, I shrugged off starting businesses in what I consider to be “pure-water factory” category. What I mean by “pure-water factory” businesses are business ideas that are all over the place, businesses that do not really require any deep thinking or innovation to startup.

I started changing my mind when I realised that such businesses can serve as cash cow while I keep chipping away block by block at these mountains I am trying to move.

That is partly why I got into the Bulk SMS business.

As I write this post, I am wondering how fun life can be if I had a side-business with its own CEO generating $300, 000 for me every year. That is free money, just like printing money! Money that can be used to finance the long term businesses! And been a Nigerian living in Nigeria, the truth is that I can start and run 10 of such businesses. Every sector of Nigeria’s economy is broken and can be easily fixed by a correct thinking person.

Noa Mintz is just 15 years old. Can your exposure and maturity (and ICT skills for those who have it) help you achieve a similar feat? Can you do better??


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