Its all about the content

Nowadays, everyone has nearly equal access to publishing tools. A new blog, Youtube channel or online magazine comes along everyday, trying to demand our attention.

It is the content then that truly differentiates everyone.

Organisations need to be clear on exactly what their content strategy is. It is not really something we can set and forget, a content strategy has to be constantly reviewed for effectiveness.

From my own end, the content strategy for The Morebise Post is to release a post everyday, preferably in the morning, before 5AM Nigerian Time. We have been doing this for over 6 months and we review often by asking questions:

  • Are the posts making any sense?
  • Are people still reading #TMP?
  • And the big question: Will switching to a less frequent make more impact? (Sadly, no. Writing less often will not be more impactful)

On the other hand, CloudPitcher has a weekly publishing schedule. We try to update the blog once a week and then spend the rest of the week promoting the post and getting feedback from customers.

The important points to note is that:

  • There is no right answer, do whatever connects best with your audience.
  • Do not swap quality for quantity. It is better to produce content once in a month if you can really make something good, rather than writing 30 average posts.
  • Always keep your overall goals in mind and let it shape the content strategy.

The content you produce is important, it is a great vehicle that helps you attract the kind of people you seek.


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