Taking Responsibility

Aliko Dangote may not be well liked by certain people, but ignoring him is surely hard to do.

The Dangote Group has expressed optimism that with its ongoing agricultural projects across the country, Nigeria is on its way of being self-sufficient in the area of food production.

A business entity; Dangote Group and not the government is taking up the responsibility of ensuring Nigerians are fed. In this digital times, it is so easy to forget that we need a live outside computers, we will need to eat! But these days, all the smart cool kids want to build the next Twitter, Vine or Whatsapp – companies not really worth anything but generating loads of hype. (This will be discussed further in a future edition of #TMP, let us stay on topic)

I think claiming responsibility for a cause is a great way to make serious headway in business (and life).

I have taken up the responsibility of sharing the little knowledge I have gathered from my pursuits in business, creativity and productivity, and I have further committed to talking about it every single day to the point that if #TMP arrives late (as it did yesterday), most subscribers actually start troubleshooting their devices for connectivity errors, the thought that maybe we have not sent it out yet almost never occurs.

I have read the forecast that we are expecting to have 440 million Nigerians by 2050 and so I am working towards that future by spending a good chunk of my present life training people that will create jobs. My focus is not to give people jobs, my focus is to create people that will give people jobs. That is responsibility.

By 2050, I will be 60 years old and I want to take a glance around the world and see that it is my cabal: people I know, people I trained, people I invested in their companies are the ones dominating the global economy. That is the kind of miracle I want to be responsible for.

Mr Morebise, why not leave such headache for the government? Why do we have a government??

We cannot expect the Government to do everything, they have enough on their hands already. The way to go is a public-private partnership that has been successfully deployed in various countries of the world. Let the Government regulate our activities and free the brightest minds to tackle the hard problems and profit from their work.

Over to you, you do not need to start claiming responsibility for the whole planet yet, remember that we have to start small. You can (and should) look for a small starting place.

The kiosk outside your street has taken responsibility to ensure you can get your daily household needs easily. For all the disrespect we show such people, the fact remains that you cannot dip your ₦50 note into your water and it converts to milk, you really have to go out to exchange the ₦50 for milk and the kiosk made it easy to do.

So, look around your community, what can you claim responsibility for? What business can you create to fill the gap?

The money is an important part of the equation, people will pay when you solve their problems. You do not need to be a non-profit organisation! Dangote Group says they want to ensure Nigerians have food, but that does not mean they will give us for free, does it? We really should stop thinking that only non-profit organisations can solve problems effectively.

I think my first taste of claiming responsibility for people was in 2011 during my 6 months industrial training exercise, I was able to find some like minded people in the local church’s youth assembly and together we organised series of life changing events for the youths. We did not wait for the leadership of the church, we merely presented our ideas to them and pressed them to give us the go ahead, once they did, we worked out the execution.

Take up responsibility! It will help grow those muscles and you start qualifying yourself for bigger things like feeding 440 millions Nigerians when they arrive. Just like Uncle Dangote is currently doing, he does not have 2 heads now, does he?


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