Moving on from buzz words

“Nothing is impossible”

“All things are possible”

“No limits”

“Forward ever”

“Expansion without limits”

“Unlimited Advancement”

“Higher Life”

These are just a few of so many feel good words I have come across the past few months or so. And when I come across people who toss them around in the air, my reaction remains the same: What exactly does it mean? Can we quantify it?

If you claim to be expanding without limits, what is your current level? How fast are you expanding per time? Without having such measured metric, we do not know for sure that you are really enjoying any expansion.

The way I see it, these things remain mere words until you sit down to pragmatically think it through and then decide you would love to actually experience it and then you move on to try to live it out.

Buzz words are just buzz words until you internalize it and truly believe in it.

That is when we can see results!

And in this line of work, it is the results that count, not hype! And definitely not buzz words!!


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