Money as a staff

Money can be seen in a role as a staff, working for you.

Donald Trump, a popular American Real Estate mogul says he sees his money as staff and as such since he can never be happy if his staffs sit around all day not doing anything, he cannot also allow his money to sit idle inside banks. All money must be put to use immediately to generate more money!

Lekan Ayejimiwo once pointed out to me that it was cowards; mainly poor people that saved money in the banks. That the bold ones come boldly to the bank to collect the money and go use it for business.

If the bank is ready to lend $4 million at 5% interest rate, a coward is scared and runs away: “what if I do not make the money back?”, the bold one collects the money with the mindset “I have to make an interest of at least 8% on this money…”.

A senior colleague once taught me a lesson: rather than buy a car, he decided to use the money to do something that will buy him a car. This sentence is deep, you probably want to re-read until it sinks.

Rather than buy a car, he used the money to start a business that can buy him a new car every year. He put the money to work for him by starting a taxi business. His driver is available to him anytime he needs access to the car, else the car is out there generating money for him.

To the poor masses and other people who cannot think straight, they only see money as something used to buy stuff, but for some of us, money is a tool that we can use to do all sorts of things.


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