Start your engines

The game is on!

The long awaited 2015 is here. 2015 is going to be a very historic year going by all indications and I definitely think it will be a busy year. That is why we cannot afford to just sit around.

All those 2015 plans and new year resolutions we drew up is ready for execution. Execution is the most important thing right now; start your engines! Get to work, we don’t have a moment to lose.

And as we discovered the other day:

If ADE works 8hrs a day, 40hours a week. And BIMBO works for 80hours a week, even if they are doing the same things, whatever ADE achieves in a whole year will be done by BIMBO in 6 months!

Execution is more important than dreaming up new goals. You do not need to learn any new keys or search for secrets of the universe. Simply execute your well thought out plans. If your goal is to sell more of your goods and services this year, simply make more sales call, show up more often!

Execution is key.

Happy New Year!


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