Keep going

ByAdemola Morebise

Keep going

The ideal scenario is the one in which you are running to get things done and advancing forward.

If you cannot run, walk.
If you cannot walk, crawl.

But anyway, anyhow… you have to keep going!

You should not form the habit of doing nothing about your goals everyday. You need to decide that you are unstoppable and that you can get things done consistently for this to work.

Do not get trapped if your plan A fails, just move one… there is a reason the alphabet consists of 26 letters, move on to plan B, C or D. There is always another way!

Serious minded people do not leave their ideas unattended to, they always try to develop it further no matter how little. This is important because you never know for sure when an opportunity might just present itself to you and such opportunity will pass you by if you are unprepared.

Stop playing in the mud!

Get to work!

Live your dreams everyday!


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Ademola Morebise is an Inventor by Night, Business consultant by Day and a Teacher in between. He writes the #TMP daily devotionals for upwardly mobile professionals.