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ByAdemola Morebise

Does anyone still download music?

So, I was reading a TechCrunch article about a new product named The Drop. Then I had to stop reading at the place where the writer asks “Does anyone download music still?”

What a stupid question, of course, people still download music (I should know, after all we run a download website at OneCrier PLAY), but that is not to say the writer of that article is a moron. He is not.


In the USA and other places where real internet connectivity is readily available and can be taken for granted, people do not bother to download music, they simply stream it.

In Nigeria and several other places across the world, music downloads is still in vogue. Why would I technically download a song 5 times under the guise of streaming when I can download ONCE, play as often as I want and transfer free to my friends. As a general rule: I do not watch videos online, I download them so that I can watch it again and share with people. (Some technical insight: any time you stream something online, you are actually downloading it. Its just that it is not saved permanently on your device)

So, easy internet access in the USA kills off music downloads, lack of it in Nigeria means music downloads is still in vogue.

Different strokes for different folks.

The lesson we can learn: This is the danger of seeking advice without applying context. Context is everything.

Disaster is when a Nigerian reads that article and then decides music download is dead and hence starts working on a streaming platform, probably will not work. Despite all the millions of dollars invested, the streaming business in Nigeria cannot certainly be said to be a hit with everyday people yet.

Internet access is still very expensive and quite slow in these parts. I am still stalling over a 1.3Gb download that will update my android device to the latest version. The device will have to stop working before I will force myself to cough out the data, to my colleague in the USA, 1.3Gb is not a big deal and if I try to explain to him that it might take me 12 hours to complete the download, he cannot relate.

This is one of the reasons that despite the fact that some people read a lot of books, they still just cannot seem to apply things read in their everyday life. The principles they read about seem rather inapplicable to their own environment.

We have to develop a filter to wade through all the advice we receive and then select the ones that can be truly helpful to us.


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  • Read about Yitang Zhang, a part-time calculus teacher who recently solved a theorem that has stumped mathematicians for more than a century: The Pursuit of Beauty


ByAdemola Morebise

Keep going

The ideal scenario is the one in which you are running to get things done and advancing forward.

If you cannot run, walk.
If you cannot walk, crawl.

But anyway, anyhow… you have to keep going!

You should not form the habit of doing nothing about your goals everyday. You need to decide that you are unstoppable and that you can get things done consistently for this to work.

Do not get trapped if your plan A fails, just move one… there is a reason the alphabet consists of 26 letters, move on to plan B, C or D. There is always another way!

Serious minded people do not leave their ideas unattended to, they always try to develop it further no matter how little. This is important because you never know for sure when an opportunity might just present itself to you and such opportunity will pass you by if you are unprepared.

Stop playing in the mud!

Get to work!

Live your dreams everyday!


ByAdemola Morebise

Nailing the perfect pitch

One the most important things a business owner must get right is the business pitch. How exactly are you going to describe your business to the public, so that they know exactly what you have to offer them?

What words can convey how different you are from the competition?

What most business men learn is that the perfect pitch is hardly ever created behind closed doors, the best pitches are developed after talking to customers, they are able to describe the challenges in their own words and you can then describe your solution.

If you get your marketing wrong, your whole business will be negatively affected. Your marketing allows you to select exactly which kind of customers you would love to work with.

So, pitch more often and listen more often, these two activities are surely going to get you closer to nailing your perfect pitch!


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ByAdemola Morebise

On moving mountains

If your life’s work is to move mountains, then do not expect it to happen overnight.

If you are working really hard on a really challenging mission like revolutionising the entertainment industry, inspiring and training a new generation of business people and technologists, working on providing education to the under served, working on bringing Nigerian businesses online or really big ones like trying to extend human life (extending it well beyond 120 years). It will probably be slow and steady.

The temptations might be there to give up on such long term projects, but if you switch to moving molehills, stones and pebbles, sure – you will get the satisfaction that you are getting things done, but in the long run you will know within yourself that you ought to have done much more than just kicking stones around.

Most people devote their life to moving molehills, stones and pebbles. As such, they live totally unremarkable lives, they come and go without anybody feeling their impact in any way. More of us need to look for the toughest mountains and start chipping away at it, chip by chip until it finally moves and craves to our will.

If the goal is really to move mountains, then don’t expect too much to show too soon. Moving mountains will take some time. Moving a mountain will happen slowly, but we must stay steady.

H/T Gbenga Zaccheaus


Watching The World

Apple Inc. makers of the iPhone, iPad and other iThings have just announced that they made a net profit of $18bn (£11.8bn) in their fiscal first quarter. This is the the biggest quarterly profit ever made by a public company.

Absolutely. Insane.

For reference, that means Apple makes around $8.3 million dollars per hour in profit (24 hours a day). News source: Apple posts the biggest quarterly profit in history.

This is enough to keep me busy today, focused and thinking hard about these mountains I am trying to move…


ByAdemola Morebise

Every business now mobile

“Much as we talk about Internet companies today, in five years’ time there wont be any internet companies. All companies will be internet companies or they will be dead.”-Andrew Grove, Intel.

The task ahead of us seems well defined; the most successful business men of this era will be the person (man or woman) who is able to take a business concept and add the awesomeness of the internet to it.

As I always say: stores have moved from buildings into websites and now they have moved into mobile devices. We really need to start thinking in that direction.

Jeff Bezos added the awesomeness of the internet to the old business of selling books, what we have about 20 years later is a $150 billion company. You might have heard about the company, the name is Amazon, the everything store.

A good question you might want to fix your mind on today: how can the mobile phone in my pocket help me beat my competitors? What mobile service or app can I build that people will find useful?

The only limit is your imagination (as defined by your mental strength)


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ByAdemola Morebise

What is in a name?

Why are names so important?

Well… Your marketing starts from your business name. If your name sucks or fails to resonate with the people you set out to serve, then you have certainly started on a wrong note.

I am sure you must have seen a very great product with a very bad name or logo or choice of colours. The only way you can escape with choosing a terrible name for your business is if you have a good monopoly or you have such a superior product.

A friend once wanted to name his school “Ile-Iwe” (the Yoruba word for school), but I felt it was a terrible idea. Parents send their kids to school to get literate and become more sophisticated, I argued that Ile-Iwe would not fly with the target audience. My response shocked him because I have hugged a brand called Kowope (literally translates to “make money complete”) close to my chest for about 2 years now, but we have to realise that Kowope is targeted at everyday people, young tech-savvy students of higher institution, the market women, semi-literate workers and all that. To these set of people, I can argue that Kowope sounds fun, fresh and it sparks curiosity.

You also do not need to lock yourself by thinking all your product names have to sound alike and connected like the Virgin empire. Well, not really. Unless all your products are targeting the same set of people. I cannot imagine my Dad and I liking the same products, we are generations apart!

A good name is certainly worth waiting for. It may a few days, weeks or more likely a few months, but once you find it, you just know this is it!


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ByAdemola Morebise

You don’t need more

You don’t need more than 26 letters of the alphabet to write a bestselling book.

You don’t need more than 26 letters of the alphabet to create a cool sounding name for your company, I came up with Gistcaster, OneCrier, CloudPitcher and more recently: Jamsa. A lot of people love these names, all the alphabets inside the names I’ve come up with were always existing, I did not create the alphabets.

You don’t need to learn all the top 15 programming languages for you to become a master programmer. What you need to create an app or website people will love is a brilliant idea and not more programming languages. People are usually shocked that I know and use only about 3 programming languages often: PHP, JAVA and C. PHP to build for the web, JAVA to build for mobile and C to play around my Linux OS. I have largely ignored all the “cool kids” on the block, a new programming language is hyped every week but I just ignore and focus on been the best I can be. (In fact, programming is 95% mental labour and 5% typing. But 98% of programmers do not even know this fact!)

Why do you spend your whole life looking for something more? You do not need something more to get something more.

You do not need a bunch of keys to open any door. You only need ONE KEY – the right ONE!

I think we need to spend less time learning new tools and more time working with the tools we have. We seem to know so much already, but rather than optimise and create value, we run off in search of more shiny new tools.


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ByAdemola Morebise

Everyone is a millionaire

Don’t pray too hard about becoming a millionaire, everyone is actually a millionaire. The challenge is not to make one million. The challenge is to keep making millions.

What you need to do is to work hard/smart or whatever and ensure that cash flows towards your direction faster. You need to keep making money every day, not once in a blue moon.

I read somewhere that Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin empire makes $1, 000, 000, 000 (that’s 9 zeros, 1 billion US Dollars) before breakfast. For the uninitiated, Sir Richard Branson operates over 400 companies globally.

When I was a little boy, I was regaled by tales of how a certain Mr Bill Gates made money while he sleeps…

Do you see the idea now?

You have to dramatically increase the number of income streams you have, you have to create avenues through which peoplr can hand over their money to you. (Perhaps you can put the money to better use than they ever could)


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ByAdemola Morebise


Arrogance is not necessarily a bad thing. Hear me out, once you truly master a skill, the label of arrogance will nearly automatically find its way to you.

That’s a given.

However, with all your unconscious, semi-conscious or fully conscious arrogance, you ought to stay humble. Real knowledge should humble you because the more you learn, the more you realise that there is much more you do not know and everybody that meets you on the road can teach you something only they can.

I run into all sorts of people especially IT professionals who know next to nothing, yet hold firmly to their little knowledge. And ready to defend to the death that they know-it-all, even though it is obvious to you that they need help. Such people are best avoided, they usually deserve what comes to them anyway.

You can walk around head high, confident you know better than everyone else and end up making a big fool of yourself OR you can still walk around head high, confident you do know better than everyone else, but somehow willing to listen to what others have to say and if you are still confident you know better, then you hang on to your ideas.

I have certainly been accused of been a proud, arrogant and stubborn man a lot of times and I make no apologies for that, but I have certainly remained approachable and always willing to reason with whoever approaches me to analyse or criticise my work. A former team member of mine once beautifully commented: “You can convince Morebise on any matter, but you must have strong reasons and facts to back it up”

Do not allow arrogance rob you of the joy and fun of everyday learning and feedback. Because learning and feedback is one of the fundamental pillars upon which our skills, businesses and other endeavors rest upon.


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ByAdemola Morebise

Outside the comfort zones

We need to step outside our comfort zones and out into realm of the unknown from time to time. This is one way of developing our potentials and ensure we become really good at what we do.

But really, why not strive to be the very best in your field? Becoming the uncontested #1 comes with a lot of privileges including the massive success you always wanted.

If your focus is on blogging, then you should focus on being the best blogger you can be, and that means going beyond just writing and hitting “publish”. You have to go deep into everything that can make you a better blogger, including the very things that makes you uncomfortable: research, marketing, SEO, understanding traffic and metrics, lead generation, everything.

You have to realise that the best writers seldom write the best books, the best civil engineers seldom get to build the most challenging projects. This is because it takes more than simply understanding the art of writing or principles of engineering to be the best. There are some other things you would need to master before you can claim mastery over any field and more times than not, those things are the things we are not really comfortable digging into.

Outside our comfort zone is where the real gold lies… and survival is easier than you think it is.


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