We overcame the fear…

We have repeatedly identified fear as one of the top 5 enemies of progress. That overwhelming fear that what you are about to do will not work and that as such, we allow the fear to paralyse us and stop us from even trying.

It was in November 2012 that I started feeling like I should start holding a weekly gathering for people interested in business with the goal of properly teaching modern entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation. I also opted to design the classes as a long term training that I was sure will be more productive as opposed to doing a one day seminar that would not really change anything.

Then fear crept in. I felt under-qualified…. What do I even know about business sef?

I approached my mentor, prayerfully hoping he would dismiss the idea. He did not. He rather encouraged me the more to start as soon as I could.

I started discussing the idea with my target audience, people started showing interest. The fear kept on mounting… I had to do something, fast! And so, with each stroke of fear, I took more forward steps. Called more people, pulled together a team and sent SMS reminders.

Finally, on January 13, 2013 with 12 people in attendance, we kicked off the M Academy. And we never looked back from then.

The fear was defeated.

We overcame the fear by taking bold steps. When fear rose up, we countered by taking even bolder steps. Faith is not the absence of fear, faith is taking action in spite of the fears you feel.

Everybody experiences fear. It is the boldness to carry on that we all need to develop.


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