The best of 2014

We are finally inside the final 24 hours of 2014, it has been a very wonderful year for me and even more so as I got to finally launch #TMP and keep it running uninterrupted. We started operations on July 17, 2014 and have never looked back since then.

Today, we want to share 10 of our favorite posts, 10 posts we love. The posts were picked based on various reasons ranging from popularity amongst our readers and posts we really liked.

Best of #TMP 2014

Picking just 10 posts was not an easy feat. And we had to leave out a lot of fantastic posts, why dont you reply this email with your own favorite #TMP edition(s), it would be fantastic to know the posts you really found useful.

Thanks for a fantastic 2014. It is really crazy to think that #TMP has been running for barely 6 months. It feels like We have been doing this for years.

We can hardly wait for the new year to kick off tomorrow and all the wonderful things we will get to do together.

See you on the other side,

Happy New Year in advance.


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